Food: Pizano’s, Chicago, IL

Pizanos 1

When you’re in Chicago you simply have to eat pizza and not just any pizza, deep dish pizza! The city is famous for it and who am I to say no to pizza? This expat thing is all about exploring and trying local delicacies and this definitely has to be a good one. So, literally hours after landing in the windy city, we could be found in a pizza place, waiting for our deep dish!

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Exploring: Chicago, IL

Exploring Chicago, IL

Late last year, the German and I were lucky enough to head up to Chicago together to check out the Windy City. It’s somewhere the German goes to a lot for meetings and the like, but this time his wife was coming along too!

Chicago is a city I’ve always wanted to go to. I’ve heard such great things about it and wanted to check it out for myself. So, we headed up for the weekend in November. Weather-wise it probably wasn’t the best choice, it was so cold! We had snow and temperatures hitting a high of a whopping -11 degrees celsius – temperatures I have never experienced before. Add to that the wind and just walking from the car to the hotel left you freezing! That wasn’t going to stop us exploring though!

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Exploring: New Orleans – The Garden District

It’s been so cold around here lately, I thought we could head back to a time when there was bright blue skies, very warm temperatures and a need to cool down with 32 oz of frozen cocktail! Yep, we’re heading back to my birthday trip to New Orleans back in June of last year.

Exploring New Orleans

We maybe didn’t pick the best time of day to take a stroll around the Garden District of the city. If you were playing spot the Europeans heading out into the midday sun you would have hit the jackpot with us two! Yep, despite having a guide book that suggested you miss the midday sun, we strolled straight into it!

This area of the city is just beautiful and definitely a spot not to be missed. The Garden District is the area of New Orleans where wealthy newcomers built their majestic homes in the 19th century. It’s the perfect area fir architecture buffs and gardeners with some extremely grand, beautiful and pretty homes, including a lot of Greek Revival mansions.

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Catching up on life.

Since heading back Stateside after the Christmas holidays, life seems to have been non-stop here in the ATL although nothing major has been happening. Sounds weird, right? So, now that I finally seem to have a minute, I thought I would give you a little update on life in general and what we’ve been getting up to.

Life 1

We’ve been getting out and about in the sunshine and walking more. There are loads of tracks and trails close to our apartment so we’ve been making the most of them. I also got a FitBit for Christmas (thanks Big Bro!) and it’s definitely encouraging me to get off my butt and get moving! We headed out on a bike ride together, now that the German has Greg (his road bike) I can use his old back and I’m not deemed too slow for him! Although I’m not allowed to go out on every ride with him – the boy likes to ride as fast as possible and I like to just trundle along at a nice speed!

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Reflecting on 2 years as an expat.

Reflecting on 2 years

This week marks 2 years since we got on the great big iron bird that brought us all the way to Atlanta, GA to start our new lives. Thankfully, the weather is being much kinder to us than this time last year when our first anniversary was marked with snowmageddon but it still got me thinking of how the past 2 years have changed me into the person I am today.

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Trailing Spouse Stories: Starting Over in a New Country

Trailing Spouse Jan 2015

After missing the December link up because I was so blummin busy (hence the unscheduled blog absence!) I’m so pleased to be able to get involved in the Trailing Spouse Stories blog crawl with D for Delicious and Tala again. This month’s theme is all about starting over in a new country.

This January we talk about beginnings. We all were there at some point in time. We all started out in strange lands. How was it like starting over in a new country – if you have done it multiple times, does it get easier or harder? And what are you building in this new year?

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Wow, what a year!

I’m back! How was your holiday season guys? Mine was jam packed, hence the absence from this little blogging space of mine! It involved trips to England and Germany and lots of catch ups with family and friends. Despite all my good intentions to give you some updates I just couldn’t find the time. I also wanted to post this earlier this week but, thanks to some sort of deadly virus from England (we’re talking a beautiful 3 week long cough and cold) I just didn’t feel up to it.

But I’m back now and taking a look back at one of the most amazing years ever! 2014 was very, very good to me indeed! I thought I’d pop together a few highlights for you to peruse over and for me to reminisce about.

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