Hello hello!!

So here is my first EVER blog post…yep you lucky people are coming on a journey with me as I try to fathom out the land of blogging! Now I’m not very technically minded so you might have to bear with me here…there could be some good posts…and some not so good…hell I might even try and add some fancy bits into this thing like pictures and videos – scrap that, lets just go one step at a time…words are good to start! So lets get on with it – this is how I came to be a British girl in America…

So back in June the man Toby (also affectionately known as the German – kinda obvious why but just to clarify he’s German!) came home and said how about we move to America? Random one for a weekday evening while I was making tea but his branch of the cake company (yes he works for a cake company – amazing I know!!) was taking over the running of the office in America and his boss wanted him to be the man in the states!! Did I think twice about moving to the big, huge land across the pond…erm NOPE! I was up for that…new adventures, a hot, sunny summer in the land of the free – hell yes! Oh and the other thing…I’d have to be a lady of leisure for awhile…yep you heard it a lady of leisure! So the decision was made…we were going to America and Atlanta to be precise!

So join me as I take you on my adventures with me…I’m not gonna lie they might not all be exciting but stick with it and there might be some gems along the way!


4 thoughts on “Hello hello!!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging (you were just RT’d into my Twitter feed). Sounds like this could be a fun blog to follow – if I can overcome my sudden green hue (emigration plus lady of leisure, damnit!)

    • Hey! Thanks for the welcome!! Hopefully it will be mildly amusing – I’ll give it a good go but I can’t promise anything! Oh and if the other half has anything to do with it the green hue will be gone too…the lady of leisure thing might not last forever!! Enjoy the blog!

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