The story so far…

So it appears I was being ambitious with 2 blogs in less than 24 hours…I apologise for going AWOL but things had to be done…wait right there and you’ll find out what in a mo!

Now at the end of post number 2 I had my visa – and strict instructions from the lovely man in the US Embassy who issued it to me – to take ALL my documents when I got on that big plane over here!

So at the end of last month we had a big leaving party (BIG thanks to all our friends and family who made it there – you know who you are!) and 3 weeks ago today amid streaming tears after saying goodbye to my mum and dad we boarded the big Delta iron bird and started our new adventure! (I sniffled my way towards however many thousands of feet you are in the air – thankfully I was in the window seat where nobody could see me!)

9 hours later we landed in Atlanta – our journey was about to begin – well if the lovely person on border control was going to stamp my passport! I waited in line with my documents in hand – this time including a big packet of photos and of course that trusty cake leaflet – I felt kind of sick and just wanted to get it over with. It was my turn – I stood there for a while – he asked me a couple of questions (why do you want to be here, for how long etc) then he asked to take my fingerprints – that meant I was IN!! Woooo! I got a big fat stamp on my passport and skipped towards the baggage collection area – I was in for 6 months!!! And here’s the evidence – now bear with me – hopefully this will work…

Hello Mr Stamp!!

Hello Mr Stamp!!

It worked!! So there we go…I was in!! Off we trotted, picking up our 6 suitcases on the way and starting the big adventure! However since then it hasn’t been all exciting…yeah we’ve settled in, enjoyed the lovely sunshine and checked out some of the many bars and restaurants around us but we’ve also had to do the boring bits…

First up was apartment hunting – I was hoping this wasn’t going to take too long but after visiting 5 different apartment complexes it was looking like it might take longer than we thought until the last place of the day – it was gorgeous! Right on the Chattahoochee River (yep the name had already put it at the top of the list – who wouldn’t want to live somewhere with the address Chattahoochee?!!) huge, spacious rooms, a kitchen that wasn’t built in the dark ages (it appears America is still behind the times in those things!) and it had a view into the wood and onto the river! We wanted it and for once the German made an instant decision (he usually takes AGES to decide these things – as you’ll soon see!) so we applied and it was ours!! Move in day March 1st!

Then we had to move on to furniture shopping – something that is still ongoing – in fact in just a couple of hours I’m meeting the German to once again look at bedroom and dining room furniture! Yawn! So you’d think America was down with the kids, had some modern furniture that would look good in a young couple’s apartment yes? Well you’d be wrong…check out this little selection of some of the gorgeous pieces of furniture we’ve come across so far…

Check out that beauty...

For those of you who don't know who the elusive German is - that's him!!

For those of you who don’t know who the elusive German is – that’s him!!

We’ve now spent the last 2 weekends and evenings in every furniture shop in Atlanta – yep we know them all! So far we’ve managed to find a sofa – phew! One thing to tick off the list…but we have nothing to sleep on or to eat out dinner at! Boooooo!! If all else fails there’s always Ikea! I’ll keep you posted on the furniture developments – hopefully we won’t have to stoop so low that we have to succumb to the delights of the pictures above and we have something for our first guests – my big bro and sister-in-law – to sleep on when they come over next month! Fingers crossed!

What else have we been doing in the last couple of weeks – oh yeah car shopping! Now usually people think this is fun yes? Not when you’re with the German! So we’ve spent hours looking at cars on the internet, we visited a couple of dodgy second-hand dealers – one car we went out with nearly broke on the test drive, needless to say we didn’t head back there! But finally after 3 Mexican stand offs, many an hour in a car garage with a lack of food and about to lose my sanity we both have new cars – hence the going AWOL this weekend! We spent ALL DAY on Friday in the VW garage (Yep the German wanted a German car – they like to keep it in the family!) After 5 hours he finally agreed upon a deal – thank the lord! I’d only eaten breakfast and drank 3 bottles of water from the garage – that meant 3 trips to a public toilet – something which never goes down well with me!! We were done, tired and hungry! The day after it started all over again – this time at a different garage and thankfully it didn’t take as long – just about 3 and a half hours instead! But it meant no more looking on the internet or having to look at the ground and pick my nails whilst the German tried to thrash out a deal with the car man – see I told you it took him a while to make a decision!! Soon I’ll be able to venture out and explore on my own – this place was really not made for pedestrians – I think we’ll save that one for another post!!

So as it stands we have an apartment, 2 cars that we should be picking up this week and a sofa! Not really the complete making of a new life yet but we’re on our way there! Oh we also have a mahoosive TV (things only come in supersize in America!) a toaster, some pans and some bedding! Like a say not everything is complete just yet! We have a container of stuff from England too but word on the street is that won’t be here for a looooong time…it’s not even on the water yet! 😦 But we’re getting there…slowly!!

In the meantime we’re enjoying this…


Yep most days there’s a lovely blue sky out here – something you can’t complain about at all!! Hopefully that hasn’t been a boring post – I think I got a bit too happy with the pictures once I worked out how to do it!! Things can only get better guys and gals…don’t quote me on that but I’ll give it a whirl!!

Oh and if any of you were wondering – the German did get me a Valentines card…on his way home from work on Valentines Day from the shop I told him to go to! He did refuse to buy me any flowers though claiming they’re three times more expensive on Valentines Day – I think he’s spent too long in Yorkshire, either that or he’s been spending too much time with my Dad!! We’ll let him off though – he did get me a lovely card and he’s taking me to the Fox Theater (sorry about the American spelling but seen as though it’s in America and all that I thought I’d better be American…) and that is something that is an achievement – he NEVER wants to go to the theatre (see English spelling!) You never know I might eventually be able to persuade him to go to the ballet – something I’ve been trying to do for a while…who am I kidding, that will NEVER happen!!


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