Exploring: World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta

We’ve now been in Atlanta for 3 weeks and after spending the last 3 weekends (and evenings!) furniture and car shopping we now know the inside of every furniture store and car garage in the city! Last weekend though after buying 2 cars and a sofa in 2 days we decided Sunday would be a day to finally do fun stuff and go exploring!! Yay!! This excited me beyond belief – there’s only so much furniture shopping you can do before it becomes the most monotonous exercise EVER! Don’t get me wrong it was fun in the beginning…

So Sunday morning came and I introduced the German to the Marta! It’s a bit like the Tube in London but much, much, much, much smaller!! I’ve been riding the Marta for the last 3 weeks, being car-less and all but for Toby this was a new experience! So off we trotted to the station, got the German a Breeze card and jumped on the south bound Gold line to the Peachtree Centre – we were on our travels and exploring this big city we’ve moved to at last!!

We made it Downtown and headed out into the sunshine but man was it cold! The wind made it feel even chillier but the sun was out and that was the main thing! We didn’t really know where we were headed but what we did know is that CNN‘s headquarters were in the vicinity (this I’d researched a looooong time ago being a journo and all!) along with the aquarium and the World of Coca Cola. What we didn’t know was that the National Cheerleading Championships were taking place in the Arena (No I’m not lying there is a National Cheerleading Championships out here!!) and the place was full of girls with sparkly tracksuits on and bows in their hair! We managed to avoid them though and made it here…

The picture kind of says it all...

The picture kind of says it all…



Yep the Olympic park! We had a stroll around, checked out the millions of bricks on the floor with names on (coincidently we didn’t read them all – we’d still be there now if we did!!) and then wandered towards the CNN Center – or in my eyes heaven!!! Oh how I would LOVE to work there!! However the place was packed with cheerleaders so we skipped on out and went in search of something a little more cheerleader free!

After walking through the Olympic Park again we made it here…

Again it's self explanatory!

Again it’s self-explanatory!

But there was a big queue (that did include a fair few cheerleaders – not that I have anything against them of course!) and it was blummin cold outside so we ventured across the street to check out where Mr Pemberton made this…


So with a much shorter queue that meant we went straight inside we went to check out the home of Coca Cola and find out how it became the massive global brand it is today! We found out where Mr Pemberton created the soda (Yep I’ve gone American again!) how he sold the company for pennies (well it was probably a lot in those days but still I think he could have got more!) and how very clever marketing made it what it is today, we watched a 4D movie (that gave me a headache and made my eyes hurt!), saw the famous Coca Cola polar bear and last but by no means least we got to try 60 yes 60 different drinks made by Coca Cola! Now I’m not the biggest Coke fan in the world but I gave it a good go! The German was a little sad though – his favourite German drink of Mezzo Mix (it’s just Coke and Fanta mixed together!) wasn’t working – just the soda water came out – no flavour! The boy was gutted!! There were some other tasty morsels from across the world and some not so tasty that I will definitely not be trying again!

So there you have it – our first bit of exploring!! It was a welcome relief from the furniture shops and car garages which ironically will be making another appearance this afternoon when we pick up said new cars but then they will be GONE! Yes!!! For now though I’ll leave you with this – a picture of Downtown Atlanta! In the circle skyscraper (also known by normal people as the Westin building!!) there’s a restaurant at the top that rotates giving you (supposedly) an amazing view of the city – maybe one day the German will take me there…

Maybe one day...

Maybe one day…

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