Hit the road Rach…

Sorry, sorry, sorry! It appears I went AWOL again and once again we’re blaming furniture and cars but fear not the furniture shopping is now complete (you have no idea how good it felt to walk out of the last shop – A-MA-ZING!!) and both cars have now been picked up! Things are starting to finally come together!

So the next thing on my list (put together for me by the German!) was to get myself a Georgia Driver’s (yep driver’s not driving like back in good old Blighty!!) Licence. Having held a UK licence for the last 12 years this you would think would be pretty simple and with American’s only driving automatic cars it was about to get even simpler! But they have some mad road rules that if you ask me, are just plain daft!!

Anyway I did my studying and read the 138 page driver’s manual (well I skimmed some parts, they were just obvious!!) and dropped Toby off at work and headed to the driver’s centre. It opens at 7:30am and it gets busy and when I say busy, I mean busy! I’d already been twice with the German for his licence so I knew what to expect! I got in line and walked up to the desk to be told the road test was full but I could do the knowledge test today. This was good, this was the bit I’d studied for!! So I got my number, filled in the forms and sat and waited, and waited, and waited…for an hour, with a phone that STILL (after 4 weeks) doesn’t work in America without costing me a fortune. I was bored.

But an hour later my number came up and a trotted up to the desk. The woman took all my letters (including the one that involved a trip to the Social Security office to get proof that I’m not allowed a Social Security number – I kid you not!) put all the info in the system, took my picture (yep I look slightly special on it!) and made me sign on a screen (yep my signature also looks slightly special!!) and sent me over to the computer to take the tests.

I’m not gonna lie I was slightly nervous…I’d been driving for 12 years, if I failed I was going to look daft, really daft! I made the German make a pact with me that if I did fail it would be our little secret and nobody would ever know!! The nerves were made worse by the fact the German only just passed his…

I sat at the computer and started on the signs test, 20 multiple choice questions where I had to tell them what the sign meant. Now this one wasn’t too hard, some of them were simple like these…

Kind of obvious is you ask me!

Kind of obvious is you ask me!

Again...self explanatory!!

Again…self explanatory!!

And there were a couple of tougher ones – I could have got 5 questions wrong and still passed – thankfully I only messed up on 1! Yay! Next up was the tough bit – the road rules. Now like I say some are obvious and the same as back home, others not so much like on a 4 way stop junction. Here you have to wait for everyone to stop then the person who arrived first moves and you take it in turns…yep random I know.

Again I could have got 5 questions wrong, I got the first few right…phew…then I got one wrong…eeek…and I seemed to be powering through them compared to the woman next to me…I was worried I was going to fast and was about to seriously mess this thing up. Anyway I carried on and then got to number 16 which meant even if I got the rest of them wrong I’d still passed! Woooooo-hooooooo! However I think I celebrated a little too soon – I got the next 2 wrong but hey I still passed! PHEW! Final result 95 per cent on the signs and 85 per cent on the road rules, which can I add is more than the German got!! (My dad reckons this is because English isn’t his first language – just give me some glory old man!!)

I went back to the counter, got my temporary licence and booked a road test – that isn’t until next week so I’ll report back on that one! It’s meant to be easy though – you do it in a car park. Again I kid you not! And when you see the way people drive in this city it explains why!!

So I’m half way to getting my Georgia licence – It feels kind of odd having to do a test all over again 12 years later but apparently it will save money on car insurance and that is always a good thing!!


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