Exploring: Helen, GA

So Sunday came around again here in Atlanta (as it does every week – it’s no different to back home!!) but this week we’d finished our furniture shopping (did I mention that? And how AMAZING it felt to walk out of that last shop knowing it was all done? No? I did, did I? Ah well I’ll just telll you again – it felt A-MA-ZING!!!) so we decided to go exploring again! YAY!!

Now as you know we both have new cars and the boy only got his on Friday night so he wanted to go on a big trip in it – he’s a boy, it’s his new toy, I think he might secretly love it a little bit more than he does me…I’m kind of hoping not but hey he LOVES that car! (That I’ve affectionately called Eric – something he’s not too pleased with but it’s staying!) Anyway we went off topic! So some friends of ours (yes we have friends over here – madness I know seen as though we’ve only been here for a few weeks!!) suggested we go to Helen…so off we trotted, well drove, the hour and a half north to this place called Helen.

Now we sort of knew what to expect – hence why we went there – it was described to us as a little German, yes German, town in the middle of Georgia. This I was VERY excited about – I do like a good German town complete with pretty German houses, German delicacies and a good old oompah band – hey I got myself a permanent souvenir!! But I’m not too sure anything could have prepared the little German (I say little, he’s not little at all – just wanted to clear that up!!) for what he saw…so we drove along the windy road then eventually came to this…

Yep a little bit of Bavaria in Georgia!!

Yep a little bit of Bavaria in Georgia!!

I thought it was ace…I mean who wouldn’t?? There were German restaurants, snack bars complete with Bratwurst und Pommes, a Festhalle for things like Oktoberfest and men in Lederhosen and women in Dirndle!! Germany had come to America.

However, the German wasn’t as excited as me…yep he smiled and said ‘This is just weird,’ but also shook his head that something so random (and kind of cheesy) was just an hour and a half away from our new home, a place thousands of miles away from where it belongs!

But we carried on exploring and had a good look around this little gem of a town! We discovered cute little shops with random German gifts in and those amazing Bavarian hats – I need to point out that I’ve always wanted one of these but sadly the German won’t let me have one saying they’re for tourists that’s despite me pointing out that I am actually a tourist!! We saw cake shops selling Strudel (the German wanted to go check it out to see if it was as good as the cakes they make!!) bars will steins (or if you’re in Deutschland a Maas) of beer and cute German looking buildings – everything was built in the same style – even the Wendy’s was Bavarian looking!! Here’s a couple of snaps we took along the way…

The German was fitting in well...

The German was fitting in well…

Hello Bavaria!!

Hello Bavaria!!

We also discovered a bakery. Now if you know any Germans you’ll know that bread (along with beer!!) is their staple diet, they eat bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, bread for dinner and bread for a snack and not just any bread either – it’s blummin good!! I waddle out of the country with a mahoosive carb filled belly every time I visit. So when the German saw a bakery – he was very excited!! Off we went inside and came out with 3 pretzel rolls (2 of which I’ve just realised are still in the German’s new car – oh dear!!) and as he tucked into one he definitely felt at home! We then headed to a restaurant where rouladen were on the menu. These are pieces of steak rolled up with onions, pickles and mustard – they don’t sound too appetizing but believe me they are! Once the German had seen the menu he wanted some rouladen, nothing else would suffice – however I did warn him they wouldn’t be as good as Mutter Richter’s (nothing will ever beat Mutter Richter’s Rouladen it’s like nobody’s Sunday dinner will ever beat Ma Cook’s!!) and as predicted they weren’t but the little German enjoyed them all the same and felt a little bit at home!!

After Bavaria we ventured another few miles and to Anna Ruby Falls – a mahoosive, beautiful waterfall just a bit further up the road. We were welcomed by a jolly American man before walking the last half a mile to the waterfall with some scary signs along the way…

Oh dear Lord...

Oh dear Lord…

Thankfully we didn’t spot this until we were on the way back down and just about back at the car!! Phew!! And if we had spotted one I would have given them A LOT of distance and respect by running, so sprinting in the opposite direction, probably screaming along the way!! Now I haven’t seen many waterfalls in my short (Ok it’s not that short and yes I am getting old now but hey let me believe it’s still a short life!”!) life but this one was definitely the biggest so far – I’ll let the pictures do the talking (also I’m sure you’re a little bit fed up of my ramblings now!!)…




Thoughtful pose...

Thoughtful pose…

Erm...not so beautiful!!

Erm…not so beautiful!!

So there we have it – day 2 of exploring and the German managed to find himself back at home!! You can take the boy out of Germany…but he’ll always find a way of getting back there!! I think another trip to Helen might be on the cards…especially when Oktoberfest comes along!! Lederhosen at the ready!!!


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