Back to school…

Quick blog for you lovely people because I fear more AWOL activity this weekend…and yes once again it involves furniture – this time building it in our new apartment!! YAY!! We get the keys today – YAY again!! Expect a blog about the trials and tribulations at a later date – I’m sure there will be LOADS to tell you about!

Anyway, back to today. So you’d think being a (temporary) lady of leisure/housewife would mean doing whatever you want, when you want yes? Not if you’re the German’s hausfrau! (That’s German for housewife – just in case you didn’t know!) So the German likes to give me things to do and leave me with tasks so that I don’t get bored. Very thoughtful of him I know – I think he also likes to do it so I won’t go out and spend all his money in the mahoosive malls!!

So I’ve been left tasks like start a blog (actually this was my idea but he pestered me everyday until I actually did it!) the usual like cleaning (that’s a given!) look for places to eat/explore/live/furniture etc and last but by no means least this…

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Yes the German wanted me to take German lessons!! And he thought it was very clever that he’d found a class that takes place whilst he joins other fellow Germans to watch the Bundesliga on a Saturday morning! Now the lessons I have nothing against – I want to improve my German so that I can have a proper conversation with Mutter und Vater Richter – pigeon German just doesn’t cut it with the parents of your other half!!

However I was worried. Worried I would be the douggie of the class who just sat there with a blank face and mouth wide open not having a clue what to say. I have to say I do have an A-Level in German and studied it at school for 7 years…but I didn’t use it until I met the German 10 years later – safe to say I’m a little rusty! I can understand a lot but when it comes to speaking I can only hold simple conversations or smile, nod and say Ja! That is a common expression/saying when speaking to Mutter und Vater Richter!!

So yesterday was the first class (it appears the ones that take place on a Saturday morning aren’t the best ones for me!) – I got in my car and headed on down to the Goethe-Zentrum – a German Cultural Centre in Midtown Atlanta (yes the satnav was out and in use in the car!!) pretty nervous and worried about how thick I was going to look…I was also early which meant I was sitting in the room with nothing to think about other than how pants I was going to be – yes I still can’t use my phone over here – thanks for that Orange!!

Half 12 came around, the teacher and 2 other students turned up and my lesson was on. Now like I say I can understand a lot of German, usually most conversations, not always every word but I sort of get the gist of what they’re saying so it started well. It was once they turned to me and asked me a question that I probably went all red and blotchy (this happens when I’m nervous!!!) and stumbled over the words but I did it! Thankfully the first few questions were the simple ones – where are you from, how long have you been here, why are you here, what do you do – you get the idea! I was doing well!! YAY!!

I also felt like I was back at school – writing down new vocab and their meanings. I was having flashbacks to GCSE and A-Level German back in good old St Wilfrid’s in Featherstone! We carried on – I got to talk about Toby’s cakes (and had the teacher saying that Trader Joe’s should never have ditched their bread rolls – I revert back to the post where I said bread rolls were a staple diet in any German’s life!!) what I think of America so far and if I’m missing anything back home. I was doing a-OK! Woooo! I felt I was at the same level as the others (maybe one was a little bit better than me) but I definitely didn’t feel like the worst in the class – result!!

So the class ended and then the unthinkable happened – I got homework!! It really is like being back at school! So for next week I have to write about my first impressions of America and how it differs from back home. Definitely like being back at school – I thought I’d ditched the pens, papers, German dictionary and homework a long time ago! But as the German says it will keep me busy!!

I did tell him though how an hour and a half a week won’t make me fluent and we should speak more German at home…I have a real life German, this I should take advantage of!! I should point out that we have tried this before – we planned to have German days so I would speak to the German in, shock horror German but despite it being his first language he would reply in English!! That is not how it is supposed to work! He reckons he won’t do that this time but we shall see!!

Right time to get something done before getting those all important keys later – YAY!!!! But before I go I need to tell you about where we went on Tuesday night! So when I arrived in Atlanta the German had a surprise waiting for me in the apartment (I need to point out that he’d been here for nearly 3 weeks before coming back to pick me up!!)…



Yep the boy is definitely a keeper! There were flowers, 1.5 litre’s of Rose, a 1kg bag of peanut butter M&Ms, and tickets to see the Atlanta Hawks (Basketball) Gaslight Anthem and…wait for it…Bon Jovi!!! The boy knows me too well!!

So Tuesday night was Bon Jovi night – amazing times! Now I have seen the Bon and his bandmates before on 3 occasions, all of which were with the bestie Miss C so this was going to be a little different with the boy – I was prepared for his lack of dancing, singing and generally looking like a tit with a (plastic) glass of beer in hand that me and the bestie usually do! It was at the Philips Arena which can I say is just plain mahoosive – here’s some photo evidence…



And it was one night of just the Bon, no dodgy support acts just Bon Jovi!! And they were, as usual, blummin good! I came away from it with a scratchy throat from screaming and singing! Yep..told you…tit. I did however really miss the bestie and our Bon party – the boy actually left me standing up on my own – making me look even more tit-like but I didn’t care!! Bon rocked it!! He was however looking kind of old now – he’s 50 – but we won’t tell the bestie this – she would actually kill me!! And this time I’ll leave you with this…

The Bon, in a sparkly shirt!

The Bon, in a sparkly shirt!




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  1. Good luck with your German adventures! My best friend is German, and although I try to pick up words, it’s so hard to remember them, let alone pronounce them! For information on Entertainment/Current News, from a fellow Atlanta-ian, feel free to follow my blog:

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