Exploring: Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Literally. So spring sprung in Atlanta over the weekend much to the jealousy of my friends back in Europe! There was blue skies, plenty of wall to wall sunshine and temperatures hitting 75 degrees! Or if you live in Europe we’re talking 24/25 degrees!!! Amazing I know! This weather is what we call summer in England…and we only get that for about 2 weeks every year! We’ll get a couple of days here and there when people will rush home, get their shorts on and get out in the garden to try to get that all important tan…but will probably end up getting burnt!

Aaannnyway – we decided we should make the most of the gorgeous weather and take a break from building tables for our new home – even though it’s not like in England where you literally have to make the most of it because it will be gone until next year in a couple of days! So we donned our summer clothes and decided to take a walk in the park – Piedmont Park to be precise! It looks a little bit like this…



Now this park reminds me of Central Park in New York – funny that because it was actually re-designed by the same people who created Central Park back in the early 20th century! Bit like a history lesson this – stick with me…you never know you might learn something! So it’s a massive area – 189 acres to be precise and like New York’s Central Park it sits in the middle of the city between Midtown and Virginia Highlands. That means you get great pictures like the one above with the skyscrapers in the background!

Now the trip didn’t start off too well – it took us ages to park up! There’s a multi-storey car park on-site (yep the only place you would find a multi-storey car park at an actual park is in America!!) but it seems people aren’t that great at parking in the states! There was loads of spaces just a storey up on the second level but it took us awhile to get there!! We eventually parked up and headed out into the sunshine – bliss!

We set off exploring and began trying to sniff out some food! Yep our stomachs were rumbling and calling out for some nosh! Now in English parks there’s usually some sort of cafe type place where you can get a little snack…this doesn’t seem to be true in America! Tip: if you’re heading to Piedmont Park either eat before you go or take a picnic! We weren’t prepared! A picnic would have been a brilliant idea but we only thought about this as we were walking through the park watching everybody else tucking into theirs! Eventually we stumbled upon a couple of places near to one of the entrances! We ended up in here…

Yes I am a child...I took the picture purely for the name! And blog purposes of course!

Yes I am a child…I took the picture purely for the name! And blog purposes of course!

Yep a place called Willy’s! Had to be done! It did however serve some amazing burritos – we went for the BBQ pork version and it was heaven!! The nachos looked good too along with the pitchers of margaritas! I would definitely recommend a trip there!!

So with our bellies full we ventured back into the park to carry on the exploring and attempt to work off a little bit of that burrito! Now we could really focus on the park and not our rumbling stomachs! Piedmont Park isn’t just a huge piece of grass in the middle of the city…oh no no! It has a swimming pool that’s open in the summer months I guess – it was closed when we went despite the scorching temperatures! A lake where you can go fishing, trails all around the park to go walking, running, biking and inline skating, numerous different picnic areas, sports facilities including tennis courts, soccer (yep when I say this I actually mean football!) pitches, beach volleyball courts and several different fitness classes you can sign up to! Definitely something for everyone!

That though was all too much for us in the hot climate! Instead we strolled around the park, watched people throwing footballs, having picnics, playing games and generally chilling out – exactly what a park is made for! We also stumbled upon the doggy park – yep an area especially for our canine friends! There’s a park for big dogs and a separate area for smaller dogs! Now I’m not a dog person as anyone who knows me will know (in my defence I was pinned up by a big dog when I was about 7 years old – his face was literally barking face to face with mine with his paws above my shoulders on the wall – yep slightly scary and enough to put you off for life – much to the German’s annoyance – the boy wants a dog!) but even I thought it was a nice idea! The dogs all played together happily and made friends with each other – I didn’t hear one bark or growl from any of them! I still wouldn’t like to be in the actual doggy enclosure with them though!

At the moment the grass is kind of scorched in the park which ruins it a little bit but I’m thinking it will turn green pretty soon with the warm weather we’re having over here making the park look even prettier than it did on Saturday! It’s definitely somewhere we’ll be heading back to – next time we’ll prepare though and take a picnic!


Tonight it’s time for more basketball action – this time we’re watching the Atlanta Hawks take on the Dallas Mavericks! Basketball seems to be our favourite American sport so far! (And is kind of easy for me to understand!!) Now the Hawks seem to be doing pretty well this season – they won last time we went so hopefully we’ll be their lucky charm again tonight! And yes, there probably will be another popcorn scenario!


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