Playing catch up…

Well you not me! I thought I’d give you an idea of what I’ve been up to these past few days and why I fear there could be some AWOL shenanigans again over the next couple of weeks! Sorry in advance!

So I’ve been fitting into the American housewife role well now we’re in our new apartment…well until today – I’ll come to that later! We’re now officially Costco members – this is a BIG thing in America, it would seem everyone goes there to buy their toilet paper (or bath tissue as it’s called over here!) so we now have about 40 rolls in the spare closet (I know it’s a travesty and clothes should be in there!!) along with massive amounts of chicken, steak, coffee pods for the coffee machine and cans of soda. Yep bulk buying has arrived in the Cook-Richter household, something my dad will be very proud of!

I’ve also joined the gym…this now means I am in PAIN!!! So I need to make this clear – back in the day I used to go to the gym nearly everyday and do double spinning classes, then when I moved to Hull I worked out with my friend who was a personal trainer but after that it sort of dwindled away, meaning I haven’t done any exercise for a couple of years at least. So when I had a personal training session the trainer nearly killed me…literally. I had to stop the session because I felt light-headed!! Fail. Since then I’ve been to a spinning class (and ended up saddle sore!) a body works class (which means I ache all over!!) and a kickbox cardio class this morning – I’ll report back on the effects of that one another day!

And in some breaking news…the tables are complete!! Yay! I’ve spent hours out on the balcony staining them with tea (yep the stuff you usually enjoy with a good biscuit to dunk in – in the words of Peter Kay Hob Nob’s are the best for this!!) and then a vinegar/steel wool solution (which means the house now smells of vinegar that’s seeping from the tables no matter how many scented candles I burn!!) followed by some waxing and here is the finished product…I know you’ve all been dying to see it…

I know...WOWZERS!!

I know…WOWZERS!!

I know the boy did blummin good!! I am one impressed girlfriend! I’ve even told him he’s allowed to build other things now too! Never again will I doubt his woodwork skills! I would say maybe he should switch careers but I’m thinking he should stick with the cakes!!!

I’ve also been sorting out my resume (American for CV!) – yep sadly this living the dream of being a lady of leisure can’t last forever! After studying various websites on how a CV and resume differ I’ve managed to bob one together in the hope of bagging some sort of work experience and possible even a job! The German wants me out working – I don’t think he likes the fact I’m at home all day whilst he’s hard at work. Fair point! I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

And here’s where it starts to go wrong…so I’m doing my usual housewife duties and I notice the washer is leaving dirty marks on the white clothes so I report the issues to the service guys and book for them to come round to have a look. I stayed in all afternoon yesterday (despite having things to do!) but they never showed up. So today I get on with the washing duties, strip the bed and get the sheets in the washer. Thankfully they came out without any marks so I bobbed them in the tumble dryer but when I went to turn it on the blummin knob came off in my hand!! ARGH!!! Epic fail. So now I have sheets hanging from doors to try and get them dry whilst I wait for the people to come and fix it – I’m just hoping the sheets are dry before we go to bed…if not that is one serious housewife failure!!

Oh and in some even better news there’s a container update – it’s FINALLY arriving on SUNDAY!!!! YAY!! You do not know how much the thought of loads of brown cardboard boxes and bits of furniture being dumped in the apartment excites me!! I’ve now definitely had enough of drinking wine from a huge glass (although this is kind of not a bad thing!!), only having 4 knives and forks and not having my little home comforts that I waved goodbye to back in the middle of January! Yep it’s been that long! The container’s actually been in Miami for about 3 weeks now – that’s a 12 hour drive away in a truck but for some reason it’s taken them 3 weeks to get it to Atlanta! Go figure.

And finally…the first visitors to the new abode are turning up tomorrow – my brother and sister-in-law! The big bro had his sights on a cheap holiday before we got the official yes you’re moving to America – in fact the day I mentioned the idea of moving here tey were already looking into places to visit and the cost of flights. I kid you not! Anyway this could mean some AWOL activity although I’m sure it will give me plenty to write about and bore you with – that’s if we don’t rip each other’s heads off during the 2 weeks he’s here! We are brother and sister after all!!


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