Back it up like a Tonka truck!

Yep it was just like that well-known song (or maybe not so well-known song if you don’t work in radio) by J-Lo here on Sunday – our container finally arrived and in a Tonka truck that backed up towards the apartment! You couldn’t make it up! And before we go any further I’ll let those who don’t know what the hell I’m on about check this out…You need to listen up until about 47 seconds in for that famous line!

Aaaanyway – back to Sunday! So here’s the evidence of our stuff – that I waved goodbye to back in January – finally arriving at our new apartment…


And yes that’s the German watching the Tonka truck after having to go out in his car to find the stricken delivery drivers who had got lost on our apartment complex…I kid you not!

So it arrived and I have never, ever, ever been so excited to see so many brown cardboard boxes in my life! To be precise there was 52 items to be delivered and unpacked – something that would probably strike the fear of God in some people but I actually couldn’t wait! No longer would we have to suffer with 4 plates, 4 knives and forks and 2 glasses, no longer would I have to drink wine from a mug or wash cups and cutlery before every meal – a mahoosive supply of cutlery, plates, glasses, mugs and everything else you might need for your kitchen was arriving at my house – last seen in Leeds all those months ago!!

Now as you know the brother and sister-in-law arrived on Friday – if you ask me just in time! Yep they weren’t getting away with sitting on the sofa and watching the German and I unpack – oh no no! And to sweeten them up (and celebrate Easter!) I plied them with this…

Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!

An Easter basket full of treats! Now this had quite a big dint in it by the time the container arrived at 2pm but I’m thinking the sugar rush helped them along! They were put straight to work…in the kitchen! After being packed in newspaper EVERYTHING had to be washed and I mean everything! And there was a lot of stuff!! But they did a grand job and I reckon reduced the unpacking time by a few hours easily! Mahoosive big up to them!!

So while they were beavering away in the kitchen the German and I unpacked the rest of the stuff. Now I do have a confession to make…picture the scene…52 cardboard boxes arrive with things in you haven’t seen for months…now when I say it was like Christmas it really was! Every 2 minutes either myself of the German would shout ‘Look!’ or ‘I forgot about this!’ or ‘Yay it’s finally here!’ as we re-discovered what was in the boxes! I therefore, was a little slack on the picture taking front for the blog…the Tonka truck was the only one I took! Therefore you might have to use your imagination a little bit further on in this post! I know – I’m useless! You’d think I’d have this blog lark sussed by now…it would appear not. I’ll hang my head in shame.

So we unpacked cabinets, drawers, LOTS of kitchen stuff, books, DVD’s, a stereo (that thankfully works over here despite their stupid low voltage electricity!) pictures, a bike and loads, loads more things!! It took us about 6 hours but the house is now finally looking like a home…


Yep we have pictures on the walls, cabinets and placemats in the dining room…


And somewhere to sit on the balcony and watch the world go by! The spare room has a book-case and drawers and no longer looks empty but my closet (sorry wardrobe for those of you in England!) still has room in it despite the arrival of more clothes…


This technically means I can buy more to fill it up…but that would mean spending the German’s money which I don’t think he’d be very pleased about – I seriously think he is turning into my Northern, Yorkshire dad!!

So 52 boxes later and there was a LOT of rubbish – here’s where you have to use your imagination – we technically couldn’t get out of the house…see this hallway…


The rubbish was literally piled to the ceiling – blocking the exit. MASSIVE fire risk I know but hey there wasn’t a blaze and we’re all still here! Thankfully we managed to get all the cardboard, paper and bubble wrap (yep I did want to stand and pop all the little bubbles but sadly there was too much unpacking to do!!) out of the house and to the recycling centre which is just over the road! Phew!

Most things did all arrive in one piece which is surprising considering their looooong journey but we did have a few breakages – a few champagne flutes (not that we drink champagne every night of the week!) a wine glass, a mug and a baking dish all went to that kitchen heaven in the sky and a couple of bits of furniture came with a couple of chunks missing but apart from that everything is a-ok! Woooooo!

This also means that I now have an iron. I need to check if it works properly, what with the low voltage and all,  but it means my housewife duties once again include ironing…and believe me there is a MASSIVE pile to catch up on. 😦 I’m kind of putting it off by writing this blog…and stretching it out for as long as I can…

So that’s it – we’ve not officially, fully moved over here! Everything we own is here and unpacked and Atlanta is now home! There’s still some stuff to buy though – we need more pictures on the wall and decoration bits like vases and stuff (again this means spending the German’s money so I had better shut up!!) but our lovely new apartment now looks and feels more like home! It did kind of shock me for the first couple of days because I wasn’t used to the pictures being on the wall and the apartment looking fuller but I’m definitely used to it now and I LOVE it!!

Oh and in a washer/dryer update – they were fixed yesterday…a week later! BUT, yep there’s a but and it’s kind of a big one…the oven is now broken and not heating up! Last night we had to have stuffed chicken cooked in the microwave because the oven was taking so long! I wonder how long it will take them to fix it this time…

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10 thoughts on “Back it up like a Tonka truck!

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    • After asking the German (he’s in charge of all that stuff!) we used the Moving Partnership Ltd ( hope that helps! Good luck with the big move – anymore questions just ask! I’m sure you’ll love it over here! x

      • Thanks – we are both super excited and have researched it to death (partly with this blog of course) – waiting till July is going to be hard though! However we have a honeymoon and a second marriage to look forward to (did a small one, with a meal with family, followed by drinks with all friends – early for visa purposes – then having a big village hall wedding/leaving do in July!)

        I did also have one question – the famous Atlanta traffic – is that everyday just going to downtown in the morning, then out afterwards? If you are travelling the other way, is the traffic better? We are thinking of moving to Grant Park, Old Fourth Ward or maybe Decatur…and i would be working up in Buckhead… Would this be do-able – or will the traffic end me?!



      • Don’t worry – July will be here before you know it! It’s amazing how time flies, especially when you have a second wedding to look forward to – your story sounds a little like ours but the German just waited until 5 months in the country to pop the question!
        As for the traffic, it is horrendous! Goig from Decatur to Buckhead may be ok (don’t trust me on this one, I’ve never driven it at that time in the morning!) but you’ll probably still encounter some traffic heading home. Traffic usually starts from Buckhead into downtown every evening. If you can handle time in the car you’ll be fine. Traffic is practically unavoidable in this city. The German manages it but because we live just outside the perimeter in the north and he heads even further north he’s usually ok – lucky thing! x

      • As long as I have podcasts or good music on I’ll be happy! Thanks for the info – we are over the moon! Going to look through more of your posts now for Atlanta inspiration!

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