Exploring: The Georgia Aquarium, GA

Yep just like that famous song that Sebastian sings in The Little Mermaid – that I had to teach the German because he’s never seen the film or heard the song – we went for a trip under the sea!

So after working the visitors hard at the weekend and making them unpack all our stuff (click here to find out more!) we thought we’d let them finally discover what Atlanta has to offer so on Easter Monday we jumped on the Marta and took them for their first glimpse of Downtown Atlanta.

After walking through the Centennial Olympic Park we had lunch at Legal Seafoods before ironically heading to the Georgia Aquarium – yep we technically ate the little fishes before going to check them out – kind of evil I know! Now both myself and the German haven’t been here so it was a new experience for all of us. So we got our tickets and had the obligatory tourist picture taken (which the German refused to smile in!) and headed inside.

Now here’s the history lesson that usually comes with a blog post that involves some exploring! So the Georgia Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the world – yep you heard right in the world – and I was one excited lady to go and check out all the little and big creatures!! So there’s around 120,000 animals to look at made up from 500 different species all housed in 8.5 million gallons and marine and fresh water…yep there was a LOT for us to see and a lot of stats there for you! So we headed inside and saw these little beauts…

Welcome along!

So the aquarium is split into different sections, unsurprisingly we decided to start at one end and make our way to the other, that way we wouldn’t miss anything! So the first things we saw were some stingrays which you could touch if you really wanted to but as those of you who know me will guess that’s something I didn’t do!

I wasn’t getting any closer!

We trotted along and spotted lots of pretty fish, ugly fish and scary fish including piranha which the German wanted to see attacking and eating each other or other fish but sadly for him this didn’t happen! Phew!! We went into the tropical area and tried to spot Nemo but he was hiding away and we didn’t see him. Sad times. We did however predict the new sequel to Finding Nemo and solved it by Finding Dory…


We saw jellyfish, electric eels, crabs, sea otters – that can I say were very cute indeed – but not as cute as these little things…

Too cute!

Yep despite not being a big animal lover I actually wanted to take one of these babies home! They’re gorgeous!! It was also feeding time in the penguin enclosure but some were picky little eaters and only wanted certain fish!! It seems animals also have picky eating habits just like some of us humans!

Now sadly we couldn’t see a dolphin show because they were fully booked but we did come across these beauts that the German decided were his favourite species in the aquarium…the Beluga whales…


He spent quite awhile watching them – they were memorizing, they stuck their heads out of the water and then gracefully swam around their tank, coming up close to the window and then moving away! They were fascinating! We also spotted this shall we say not so beautiful creature…


Who the German also found in the gift shop…


We went through a massive tunnel with a moving walkway (yep they’re always pretty damn cool!) to check out the aquarium’s biggest tank which housed, amongst other little and slightly bigger fishes these beasts…just a few mahoosive sharks!!


So after venturing through all the different areas and checking out the frogs at the end – some of them took some spotting – they’re good at hiding – we’d made it around the aquarium! It took us a good few hours but was definitely worth the visit! Our favourites were the Beluga whales, the penguins and the sea otters I think! The boys seemed to like the whales and the girls the penguins and sea otters – all very stereotypical! I would definitely recommend a trip here if you’re ever in the area! It was fab for four fully grown adults so I’m sure it’s even more exciting for children! I say fully grown adults but I’ll leave you with this little beaut that might suggest something different for at least 2 of them…

I think we blend in quite well...

I think we blend in quite well…


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