Exploring: The Dogwood Festival, Atlanta

OK so these blog posts seem to be starting with the same thing everytime…a big fat SORRY! Once again I appear to have neglected this little beaut and not posted for, well ages. I am one bad blog owner. I would come up with a load of excuses (believe me I can!) but I think you’ve had enough of those! Basically I am just pants and I would appreciate it greatly if you could forgive me? What’s that…I’m forgiven? Yay!!

Right now that’s over, and I’m forgiven (thanks again for that one!!) let’s get on with this post! So festival season has started in Atlanta! There seems to be one kicking off somewhere in the city every weekend, sometimes there’s more than one – that makes it kind of difficult to choose which to go to but hey the world would be boring without choice! Anyway last weekend we hit the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park.

Now this of course is our first year in Atlanta so we didn’t really know what to expect but off we trotted on the Marta to the park to check it out! Now I’ve told you all about Piedmont Park before so we knew what we were getting there but we didn’t know that it would be completely taken over with little stalls…it kind of looked like this…


Yep it was a pretty beautiful festival to visit! So the festival is named after a tree, ironically that’s a dogwood tree! See what they did there?! The trees are in full bloom in spring (here in Atlanta the leaves are already on the trees because of the high temperatures!) so the festival is technically celebrating springtime and predominantly art. Hundreds of artists had set up shop on the little stalls selling their wares, some of which I would have happily had on my walls but some I would have happily left on the stalls too!

So we wandered around the art stalls, checked out some of the companies who were plugging their products (including the radio stations which took me back to the times I did the exact same thing back in England!) and then came across the street food…yep this blog always has something food related in every post, you should know that by now! Now American street food is AMAZING!! There was literally everything you could imagine…pizza, burgers, fries, gyros, burritos, fried jalapenos, something called blooming onions which was basically an onion opened out and deep-fried in batter with some sort of cheesy dip (Yep it looked blummin tasty but sadly we didn’t try one – definitely next time!) but I settled for this…


A mahoosive turkey leg! The German said I was eating man food but I didn’t care…it was blummin good! He did have to help me out to finish it though – there was a lot of meat on that bird! The German opted for something different…he shortlisted a few delicacies but being German he was drawn to this one…


Yes the German was reunited with his favourite food – sausage!! Technically it was a polish one but the boy did reassure me they have the same thing in the land of the Deutschers, they just call it a krakauer instead! He was a happy bunny!

So after we’d stuffed our faces we carried on wandering around the festival – with a beer and margarita in hand of course – and came across this…I thought it was pretty random in the middle of an art festival…


That my little blog friends is the Disc Dog Southern Nationals. Yep a competition for dogs involving a frisbee. Basically dogs went into the ring with their trainers and had to catch a frisbee! Now I’m sure there was some sort of skill involved in this but as I’m not a dog lover I didn’t really see it and I definitely didn’t see the connection with an art festival! And with the name Southern Nationals I’m thinking this is some sort of international competition – I’m sure we don’t have anything like this in the UK! It was kind of fun to watch though!

There was also a fairground and a couple of stages where people whacked up their camping chairs and settled down for a night of country music…


Now as we’re not very big country music fans we decided to leave this to the experts and skipped out of the park and into a local bar…where we ended up staying until the wee small hours…partly because we were enjoying the drinkies (remember to always drink sensibly peeps!) but also because the German told me that Will Ferrell of Anchorman fame had been drinking in the same bar just the other week whilst filming Anchorman 2! Now being a journalist I am a HUGE Anchorman fan and as they’re still filming I was kind of hoping Ron Burgandy himself would stroll through the door but sadly I was left disappointed! Maybe next time…


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