Home is where the heart is!

First of all this post comes with a warning…it may be slightly boring!! Don’t let the warning put you off though – give it a whirl and make your own decision…freedom of speech/thought and all that!

So we’ve been officially living in the United States of America for just over 3 months now but I think we’ve only felt finally settled here in the last couple of weeks! And this post will tell you why! So as you already know we lived in a temporary apartment for just over a month, then moved into our own apartment but didn’t get our container from England for weeks…not the best way to try to settle in when you don’t have your home comforts around you! Anyway it finally arrived in a Tonka truck (still love that fact!!) and my brother and sister-in-law were here (and made to help us unpack!!) then when they left the German trotted off to Chicago for a week!

All that jargon up there basically means that it’s only in the last 2 weeks that we’ve been able to chill out in our new apartment, on our own with all our home comforts around us! We’ve been here for more than 3 months!!!! But I’m pleased to report it’s all good!! I wouldn’t say everything is perfect yet…we do still need to buy some stuff but we’ve made some additions like this photo wall we created last weekend…



Yep we went to Ikea, Home Goods, Michaels and many more and came home with a shed load of picture frames that the German ever so quietly (who the hell am I kidding – sorry neighbours!!!) hung on the wall! We’ve got pictures of our families, my parents before they were even married (yep that was many, many, many moons ago!!) pictures of the two of us when we’ve been out exploring in places like Greece and…wait for it…some empty frames! We were so excited to get it on the wall that some of them are actually empty and still have those pictures in that come with the frame – technically we have random people on our wall! Never fear though – I think one of our jobs this weekend is to get some more pictures printed!!

We also made our balcony look a little more homely…


Yep Ikea once again got our custom with some plant pots, plants and a watering can! Can you guess who picked the bright colours? A gold star is heading your way…it was me!! I decided to add a little colour to the German’s life seen as though everything he picks is either grey, black or at a push blue!! He wasn’t too impressed but decided to give in eventually!!

Things still aren’t perfect though…right now the weather isn’t amazing – it’s cloudy and windy but still quite warm. Now I’m sure you’re all thinking come on girl, you came from England so there’s no way you can moan about the weather! You’ve already had a fair few days that would pass as summer in England! This is all true, last Friday I even caught some more sun and have a slight watch strap mark on my arm! It looks great. So here’s where I prove you wrong…I’m not moaning about the weather – I’m gonna have a rant about the TV! So when we moved in we looked into setting up cable (it’s a staple over here in the States!) but as we don’t have a credit history yet because we’re little foreigners they wanted us to pay a $300 security deposit (that they’d pay back to us at $5 a month!!!) along with another $300 to have one of those box things that record the 5 channels at a time. Now if we had a credit history we’d have had both of these for free…co-incidently we didn’t choose this option and instead went for this…


Yep you see that black thing on top of the sofa? That’s your bog standard aerial that picks up the free TV channels. Now personally, being a tidy freak, I’d like to have it on the table at the side of the telly but thanks to the trees outside it would appear it picks up a better signal when its on top of the sofa…doesn’t it look beautiful? Oh and every time it’s windy, or a helicopter flies over the picture is pixellated and cuts out. It’s great when you’re actually trying to watch something interesting!

Now hopefully this weather will do one soon because it’s Cinco de Mayo this weekend and I want to get involved in the celebrations!! There’s a huge one in the Centennial Olympic Park on Sunday that I want to go to but at the moment it’s looking like it might rain! Damn you Mother Nature messing with my Cinco de Mayo plans! I’ll keep you updated on that one – obviously if the rain holds off and we go there’s definitely a blog post coming out of that trip!!

So now Atlanta feels a little be more like home sweet home we have more guests arriving next week! Yep our friends from Germany are stopping by for 2 weeks and we’re all heading off for a week in Florida!! I’m sure there will be a lot of blog posts to come out of that trip! Brace yourself people!!


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