Big, huge, mahoosive news!

So it’s been a while since my last blog…I’m not gonna lie and I’m probably gonna make you all jealous when I tell you why – I’ve been sunning myself in Florida for the last week! I know…I’m a lucky girl!! The good news is this means I have LOADS to blog about so get ready for an influx of posts! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store…

Yes you are looking at 2 idiots on Miami Beach!!

Yes you are looking at 2 idiots on Miami Beach!!

First of all though I have something MAHOOSIVE to tell you about!! For this I’m gonna take you back, waaaaay back to Cinco de Mayo…remember I told you about this at the end of my last post and how I was hoping to get in on the celebrations but that the weather could prove a little difficult? Well here’s the story of Cinco de Mayo in the Cook-Richter household…

So after a very, very, very wet Saturday the sun shone on Sunday morning…also known as Cinco de Mayo! And after a disappointing Saturday that saw any plans we had rained off we decided to go to the Museum of Design Atlanta and check out the exhibition by Eero Saarinen. Now I’ll keep this history session brief as I know you’re dying to hear exactly what the MAHOOSIVE news is but this guy created the tulip chair – the one that looks a little bit like this…


Yes that is the one that has just one leg! He was also an amazing architect, designing many airport terminals, the Saint Louis Gateway Arch and other public and private buildings.

History lesson over…see I told you it would be brief! So after the museum we decided to head to the Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Now the museum was in Midtown, the Cinco de Mayo celebrations were in the Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown so I suppose the logical thing to do would have been to drive or take the Marta. But it would appear I am not logical and despite the German complaining about his aching legs (he’d played football on the Friday evening and used muscles he hadn’t used for a while!) I insisted we walked all the way from Midtown to Downtown, especially as the sun was now shining and it had been raining all weekend! The German reluctantly agreed and we trotted off down the road!

Now I was obviously unaware of what was going to happen (that MAHOOSIVE news I was telling you about!) as we walked towards the park but the German kept telling me to slow down because of his achey legs and we kept a close eye on the weather that looked like it was about to turn nasty…probably as soon as we hit the Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

We eventually made it to the park about an hour later and as soon as we stepped through the gates it started spitting (EVERYBODY IN!!! A little bit of Peter Kay there for my British friends!! You need to fast forward to about 1 minute 54 seconds for the actual It’s Spitting part!!) but it wasn’t too bad so we carried on in! We took a little look around and noticed the Olympic fountain was turned on – yay! Now I’ve seen this before but the German hasn’t so, following his complaints about his achey legs he suggested we go and take a seat and watch the fountain for awhile…sounded like a good idea to me!

So off we trotted and found a spot right in the middle that looked a little bit like this…


Then, catching me completely by surprise, the German turns to me and says…wait for it…here’s the MAHOOSIVE news… “I’ve got a question to ask you.” So me being me just looked at him with my usual goofy look and said “Go on then…” and the German replied with “Will you marry me?” WHAT?!?!?! Now this I was definitely not expecting! I mean I kind of was expecting it at some point, maybe in a year or so but definitely not in front of the fountain on Cinco de Mayo! So I then replied with “Are you being serious?” Yes ever the subtle one I did actually come out with those words! Anyway, turns out he was being serious and he was asking THE big question so I then replied with a big, fat “YES!!” and suddenly we were engaged!!!!! Yep, me and the German, we’re getting married!!! Here’s a snap of us following the big proposal…

Happy people!!

Happy people!!

So it was a very typical Toby proposal…no one knee and no little speech before hand but I wouldn’t have expected anything less…it was perfect!! Also, in true half a job Richter style, there wasn’t a ring but this means we get to pick something together…that mission is already on! And from the looks of it the German would have picked the perfect ring if he’d have got one beforehand! He’s a good un!

So now the fun part starts…we have to decide where to have our wedding and how we’re gonna incorporate both English and German traditions…it could be a disaster, it could be the funniest wedding of all time, we shall see!

What I do know though is that I am one very happy lady right now and I’m going to be Mrs Richter!!! One word…WOWZERS!!! See I told you it was  big, huge, MAHOOSIVE news!!


7 thoughts on “Big, huge, mahoosive news!

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  2. Rachel, never met you personally – I’m a colleague of the German, just stumbled into your Blog and reading this really touched me, like watching a Hollywood movie – so I am just crying a bit 😉 congratulations to you both and say hello to Toby – from Anja by the way

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