Exploring: Florida Road Trip

So after all the big, huge, mahoosive news contained in my last post (have you read it yet? If the answers no get clicking to find out what it was!!) our friends from Germany came over to visit and we decided to do something very American…a road triiiiiip!!! (Yes that is me getting very excited and shouting the word!!)

So we packed our bags, loaded up the car so much that the boot only just closed (I blame the German’s bag – his was the biggest of the four!!) and set of on our trip! Let me introduce you to the road trip crew – obviously there’s me and the German but say hello to Jannis and Melanie…


Introductions done…let’s start the trip! Now we’d had this trip planned before the German and I even arrived in the states and the destination was…FLORIDA!! Yep we were road tripping it from Atlanta to the Sunshine State and hoping to take in some of the best beaches and hang out with the cool kids in Miami! But when I say planned I mean it in the briefest of ways…when we left Atlanta we didn’t even have a hotel booked!

But we’d decided the first destination on our trip would be Clearwater Beach – one of the best in Florida! Despite not having anywhere to stay we popped it into the sat nav and started out on the 7 hour drive with the German getting behind the wheel first! Now when I say we loaded up the car we forgot one major thing…road trip snacks!! This is something that is usually on the top of my list back home…just ask my good friend Bammylish! Whenever we went on a trip there would always be snacks in the car including mini party eggs, mini cocktail sausages, mini cheese and onion pie things and of course chocolate, crisps and sweets! (Yes we always went for the stodgy, fatty stuff…who wouldn’t?!?!) But today I’d failed miserably so after a couple of hours we turned off the highway and stopped off at an American institution…Waffle House!

It’s somewhere me and the German have been planning to try since we touched down in ATL, they are everywhere! And where I say everywhere I mean everywhere…seriously…they’re on just about every corner! Now we didn’t really know what to expect or what type of neighbourhood we were in but we ventured inside. These places are kind of small…there were a few booths to sit in and some bar stool style seating. As there was four of us we picked a booth and checked out the menu! As you know this blog always revolves around food in some way! There was all sorts on the menu from omelettes, steak (yep steak is a breakfast staple over here!) bagels, french toast and of course waffles!! We all decided waffles were the way forward – we were in the Waffle House! Jannis went for peanut butter and Melanie blueberry while the German and I chose bacon and maple syrup. Now this was a show of bravery from me – I NEVER mix sweet and savoury…it’s WRONG!! But word on the street was that this combination was SCHA-MA-ZING and the Americans go mad for it so I figured you have to try everything once and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised!!! It actually works really well! Take a look at the results…

Surprise of the day!

Surprise of the day!

Once our bellies were full we waved goodbye to the house of waffles and went on our merry Florida way! Now it was my turn to drive whilst the German tried to find somewhere for us to stay…I kind of thought it was a priority!! So he searched all the different websites (That’s another blog in itself!!) bid on hotels and got denied, found fancy hotels that were too expensive, found drive up motels that looked like the scary ones in the movies (we were definitely not staying there!) and eventually found a place in Clearwater that was next to the sea and look alright! The collective decision was to book, we were getting kind of desperate…although that took a lot longer that we thought seen as though we were in an area that had a bad mobile signal meaning the amazing iPad that allowed us to book the hotel en-route lost points! (Admittedly it wasn’t its fault and more AT&T’s fault for not having an ugly mobile mast nearby!)

Eventually during all the hotel searching we made it to this little sign and my driving took us across the border from Georgia and into the Sunshine State…we were now well on our way! Yay!!!


We were now officially in Florida – obviously when we drove past this sign there was a collective ‘Wooooooooo!!!’ in the car followed by a chant of ‘Florida! Florida! Florida!’ Yes I think I started this off…idiot! A road trip wouldn’t be the same without it though! So after another driver swop and a few more hours on the road we neared the coast and Clearwater Beach! But as we got closer the sun seemed to disappear and the clouds moved in…this definitely did not make us happy!! We were in the Sunshine State (Did I mention that?!) but the sun had disappeared!! But after driving through a couple of areas that made us lock the car doors (they looked a little scary!) we eventually made it to our destination!! Wooooooooooo!!!

So we parked up at the Beso Del Sol and got out of the car and that was when it hit us…the humidity! Man it was HOT! This also meant my hair started to frizz uncontrollably…never a good thing! I was not looking good right now! I seriously needed some way to tame my mop of hair…I was having a Monica from Friends moment and it was not good!!

Hair problems aside, we focused on the hotel – from the outside the place looked OK so off we went to check in but it would appear the woman behind the counter wasn’t in the most helpful of moods! Basically because we’d only booked the rooms a couple of hours ago she didn’t have time to put them in the system so we were going to have to wait – not the best when you’ve been on the road for 7 hours! We also couldn’t work out if our booking problems meant that we had 4 rooms booked instead of 2 and had been charged twice and she was definitely not willing to help us out on that one so we trotted out of the office and headed for the bar – always a good place when you’ve been on the road!!

So we found a little table next to the sea (that ironically wasn’t very clear!!)  but we weren’t the happiest of crews…the sun wasn’t shining, we might have booked 4 hotel rooms instead of 2 and we were worried we’d face the same difficulties during the rest of the trip seen as though we didn’t have any hotels booked….ARGH!

But we had a beer (always helps!) picked ourselves up and checked in! What happens next…well you’ll have to wait for the next post!! I’ve got to keep you reading somehow! Here’s a little tease for you though…




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