Exploring: Clearwater, FL

Technically no. So our first stop on our Florida road trip was Clearwater Beach! Wooooooo!! Now this beach and the ones surrounding it are branded some of the best in Florida and I have to agree they are pretty picturesque…we’ll get to that bit!

So at the end of the last post we were all pretty miserable, not knowing if we’d booked 2 rooms or 4 and getting a hotel that wasn’t the best ever but also wasn’t the worst! Aaaanyway it turned out we did only book 2 rooms (thanks Hotwire for getting us worried there!! Unsurprisingly we didn’t use that website again to book a hotel!!) and the Beso del Sol wasn’t too bad, well apart from the dirty stain on the sheet…that I was definitely not impressed with!

But after a trip to a Greek restaurant in a mini Greek town for Jannis the Greek and a good nights sleep we got up to blue sky and hot temperatures…the Florida we were expecting! First stop was breakfast and the German found a little gem of a place that did amazing omelettes to start our day! (Yet again the blog includes a food reference!!) If you ever go there you need to check it out…it was a little place  called Broadway Deli & Cafe and it was AMAZING!! I had the salmon omelette and it really hit the spot! So after a good fill we hit the beach and it definitely didn’t disappoint…


Pure white sand and bright blue sky – the perfect combination for a perfect beach but there was one thing that wasn’t right…the water! So it’s called Clearwater Beach but for some reason the water wasn’t clear at all! Boooooooo! Now I don’t know whether this is a year round thing or not (Can any of you out there clear this one up? Have you been when the water is clear?) but it definitely wasn’t clear enough to see the little fishes at the bottom – I’m presuming they were there, they usually are! Still it was beautiful and not something to complain about!

So we kicked back and relaxed, had a couple of dips in the sea and soaked up the sun! Before leaving for Florida the German and I bought a volleyball…something that was going to get used A LOT on this holiday! Off the boys trotted for some volleyball action, it was their new favourite sport! Although we did end up with an injury when they both went for the ball at the same time and crashed into each other! Toby’s knee took the brunt of it – he ended up with a beautiful scab like a child in the playground!! At one  point he even had a plaster on it to keep the sand out!!

So after a full day on the beach we decided to head home but not after we’d all caught one too many rays! Lobsters all around thanks to the wind and not noticing we were getting burnt! Whoops! It was after sun central before we headed out that night for some amazing seafood at a restaurant called Sea Sea Riders – you seriously need to go there!!! Delicious!! I had the stuffed shrimp – it had crab in there and a chorizo crust on top!! Mmmmmmmm!!!

Our stay in Clearwater was coming to an end…booooooo! But Miami was next and we had the task of finding a hotel again – something we were determined to do before we left Clearwater! So we went down all the usual channels – we looked at Hotwire (but decided not to use them after our previous drama!!) Priceline (where you map out the area you’d like to stay and how many stars then tell them how much you’d like to pay, they then ask the hotels if they’re willing to take that amount per night. Sadly for us in Miami they weren’t but you can get some really nice hotels for a cheap price on that site!!) Trivago and of course we checked out Tripadvisor! I think this is where we found it – the Riviera at South Beach! After checking prices on a few websites we discovered it was cheaper to book it directly with the hotel…Wooooooooo! The next day we headed off to see the beautiful people in Miami before we got there we decided to check out the Everglades…did we see any Gators? Well you’ll have to wait and see!!


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