Exploring: The Everglades, FL

So we were on our way to Miami when we decided to make a stop in the Everglades – seriously you can’t go to Florida without checking them out! One of the German’s friends told him about a little park to stop off at on the way called the Corkscrew Swamp so that was our destination (after stocking up on aloe vera gel for our sunburn!) and it started off looking a little bit like this…


Now my main aim of this trip was to spot some Gators! I was gonna be really upset if we’d made it all the way to their natural habitat and didn’t see any! So complete with our still very hot sunburn (ouch!!) we started to trot around the park on the hunt for Gators! Now this park was exactly how I would imagine the Everglades – full or trees and greenery, with bugs and animals of all kinds everywhere! To get around you had to walk along the trail of course – safety first and everything and it looked like this – a little wooden walkway that went all around the park…


We had to walk around quietly so that we didn’t disturb any of the wildlife and could see as much as possible – something that can sometimes be a little bit difficult for chatty me but I managed to do it and we spotted some amazing things! Now I’m not the best with animals and bugs as anyone who knows me will testify but I think I did really well in the Everglades – I seemed to get pretty brave! The first thing we spotted was this little dude…


He was one of the many different lizards we saw on this trip and our first wildlife in the Everglades! Things were looking good! Next up on the wildlife spotting list was a snake!! Credit to Jannis for this one – he spotted if first and we didn’t believe him – he’d already been winding Melanie up saying he’d spotted them because she doesn’t like them! But it was there clear as day – a big, long black one! Scary!! Now this little walkway was raised up so that the dangerous wildlife couldn’t get to you – phew! But it meant we had a little disaster…Toby the tourist managed to drop the lens cap from his camera and it fell off the walkway and onto the ground! ARGH!! How were we gonna get it back? Well the German tried to reach for it but he couldn’t fit far enough through the slats…so Jannis stepped up despite his fear for the wildlife below and this happened…


Yep Jannis reached down with the help of the German making sure he didn’t fall in and retrieved the lens cap without any animals coming to get him! Result!! Drama over, we carried on our merry way in search of Gators!! What I failed to mention so far is that the bugs seemed to really, really, really like me! Every time I stood still I was bitten by something that even drew blood – evil thing!! Now I was determined to find some Gators after being eaten alive in the search for them! But next up was this beautiful butterfly…


Followed by this guy – we have no idea what he actually is but he’s definitely something…


But still there were no Gators….booooo! Our trip wasn’t over yet though and suddenly we made it to a swamp and look what we found…


GATORS!!!! 2 of them and they were HUGE!!!! It was an amazing sight, they were just casually lying there in the water, catching a few rays and enjoying their environment! Most of the time they were asleep but one did open his eyes and check us out! They didn’t move though…they were happy enough chillin out and not putting on a show! That was fine for me – I was happy to just see some!! Despite the heat and our blistering sunburn we spent a long time checking them out before moving on to the next little swamp where there were MORE!! These were baby Gators too and they looked so cute although I’m sure they wouldn’t be if you were up close and personal to them!! They were amazing to see though!!! I did take pictures but because they’re so small and far away it didn’t really work! You’ll just have to imagine the ones above but much, much, much smaller!!

After a few hours we made it around the whole park and I was one happy bunny – we saw some Gators!!! Mission accomplished!! Next on the list was this place…


So we said ‘See you later alligator!’ hit the road and headed for Miami Beach!


6 thoughts on “Exploring: The Everglades, FL

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  2. Enjoy all of your posts, but this one especially. My uncle was a ranger in Corkscrew Park for many years in the 50’s and 60’s. He loved living there, and he was one of the original builders of the wooden walkway through the park!

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment!! That is fab that your uncle built that!! I loved that place…especially when we spotted the gators!! So glad you like the posts and enjoy the blog! Thanks for stopping by and reading…hopefully you’ll enjoy my future posts too!!

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