Wedding Number 1

Right now I’m back in England and I’m supposed to be telling you about the next stop on our Florida road trip Miami but a LOT has happened since then (hence the lack of blog posts!!) and I need to tell you that first! Brace yourselves…it’s along the lines of the big, huge, mahoosive news so it might just shock you! We’ve already shocked others with it!! Get ready…here it comes!!

So as you know the German shocked me with his marriage proposal and of course I said yes! We then started talking about when we’d get married and decided it would be a year or two. We told our families and they were all happy with the news and the thought of a wedding in a year or so! But then the German and I had other ideas…

Nearly 2 weeks ago we jumped in the car and went back to Florida for the weekend, Destin to be precise where there’s white sand, blue sky and lots of sunshine!! We planned to stay for a long weekend, getting there on Thursday and heading back to Atlanta on the Monday. And here’s the bit that will shock you…we also decided to do this…


Yep we only went and got married…tied the knot…got hitched whatever you want to call it!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am officially a wife with a husband and called Mrs Richter!! Does make me feel a little old but I LOVE it!!! Now I suppose you’re wondering why/how it all happened? Well here goes…

So after the proposal the German turned to me and said why don’t we make the most of the place we’re in at the moment – bearing in mind we were heading back to Europe in a month or so – and get married…on a beach…with white sand and blue sky? I thought about it for a moment and of course I said yes! And with a time frame of a month the planning immediately begun!

But we had a problem, our friends were visiting and we were heading on that road trip to Florida! Now the fact our friends were visiting and we were going on said road trip to Florida wasn’t actually the problem – that was fab! The problem was that we needed to get a wedding sorted and fast! We were leaving to Europe in less than a month! Oh and here’s something I forgot to tell you – nobody knew we were planning this!! Well apart from my best friend, Toby’s best friend and Toby’s boss Rob who somehow managed to keep the secret – a mahoosive achievement for him!!

So whilst on the road trip Toby and I were secret squirrels and managed to decide a date and book the wedding! Result!! But we still needed rings, a dress, a shirt for Toby, a hotel and a photographer so once we got back and our friends left we set straight to work!! We had just over a week but Toby found a hotel and a photographer, I finally got an engagement ring a week before the actual wedding along with wedding rings for both of us and within one shopping trip thanks to my fab friend in Atlanta I had a dress and some jewellery ready for the big day! Oh I also got a shirt for Toby too…don’t worry he wasn’t going to be half-naked on his big day!! We were ready to head off and get married…in secret…with nobody knowing!! Sly dogs I know!

So off we trotted and we visited a new state on the way…


Yep we drove through Sweet Home Alabama (I know you’re all singing that song now, I know I am!!) and after 6 hours on the road we made it to the courthouse in Okaloosa County in Florida where we needed to get a marriage licence before we were allowed to get married the following day! So into the courthouse we went and filled in the necessary forms before trotting out with the legal documents to make us Mr and Mrs Richter! This thing was getting real!!! (Oh and while we were in there a couple got married at the window next to us in literally 2 minutes…I kid you not! They were just in normal clothes and I think they even went in there without the intention of getting married! Talk about doing something off the cuff!!) Anyway back to the story!

So then we headed to Destin, checked into the hotel and checked out where we were going to get married…it looked a little bit like this…well it did look like this, this is the spot we actually got married!!!


Beautiful isn’t it? I decided it was the perfect spot to say I do! We woke up that morning, looked at each other and said…’We’re getting married today!!!!’ The wedding day had arrived but it wasn’t your typical wedding day! For a start we were with each other – that’s obviously not the norm! We went out for breakfast like normal people on holiday, went to the supermarket for emergency snacks for the German (he’s like a child and gets miserable when he’s hungry!) and I had my nails done – that bit is typical of a wedding day at least!

Then at about 4pm we started to get ready – this obviously took me longer than Toby! I locked myself in the bathroom so the German couldn’t see me because it’s not allowed on your wedding day! The German had no idea what I was wearing, I kept that a secret (Well I think I did, I gave him strict instructions not to go into the spare closet but he wanted a screwdriver one day and forgot the strict instructions! He reckons he’s a boy and was focused on finding his screwdriver so he didn’t see it – I wasn’t so sure!) Eventually I emerged…as his bride! I think he was impressed with the transformation!!

We then walked out of the hotel, got in the car and went to the beach where we met our photographer Larry and the most important person, our minister Mary Lou (Yep I loved the American name too!) This was it…we were getting married!! We wandered onto the beach, found the perfect spot and said our vows! Within 10 minutes we were officially Mr and Mrs Richter and the German was allowed to kiss his bride!!! Wooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!! Best day EVER!!!

Then it was time for photos…here’s a little selection for your perusal…

IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3781 IMG_3785 IMG_3787

Within an hour and a half we’d made it to the beach, got married and had loads of pictures taken! It passed really quickly and seemed kind of surreal but I can asssure you it did happen!! And it was the most perfect wedding ever!! Now it was time to celebrate! We went back to the hotel and cracked open the champagne which resulted in this picture…


Yes we are idiots! Well myself more than the German! He’s the sensible one of the pair!! After that we trotted out to finish off the celebrations with a beautiful meal at Mitchell’s Fish Market (If you’re ever in Destin (well it’s actually in Sandestin!) you NEED to go there!! AMAZING!!!) The German chose well!



Amazing desert!!!

Amazing desert!!!

But the next day came around and we had the lovely task of informing people of what the secret squirrels that were myself and the German had been up to…oh dear. This I was kind of worried about but we got on with the task and started with the FaceTime calls to Germany. First up Mutter und Vater Richter. We called, put our hands in front of the camera and once they’d realised what we’d done we waited for a second and yay there were smiles!!! Phew!!! Then it was the brothers and sister of Toby, all smiles there too!! Phew again!! Next up was Mum and Dad Cook, except they weren’t in. Balls. So we skipped them and went to my brother and sister-in-law who also weren’t in! But they were heading back from the pub and would be home in 5 minutes! We made the call and there were shocked faces all around but they were happy with the news! The next question was ‘have you told mum?’ Erm no she wasn’t in…the brother replied with ‘oh Lord’ and put his head in his hands! How was this phone call going to go??

After hanging up with the brother we made the call again, and they were in…we sat them down, slowly raised our hands and there was some definite shocked faces…but once they realised nobody else was there they were happy bunnies and pleased to have the German as their son-in-law!! MAHOOSIVE PHEW!!!! Huge relief there!

Now everybody knew – well the important people anyway…it was time to enjoy the rest of our mini-honeymoon! And we did it in style…here’s what we did in pictures – it’s easier than writing and probably more fun for you!!

IMG_3693 IMG_3718 IMG_3767IMG_3716 IMG_3722IMG_3685

Sun, sea, sand and food was the main theme!! And it was ace!!! The best time ever!! But then Monday came around and we had to trot back off to Atlanta, but this time as Mr and Mrs!!!! And when we got back the German carried me over the threshold and everything! Best husband EVER!!!

Oh and what I failed to mention was the reason why nobody went mad when we told them we’d got married…we’re doing it all again next year in Germany! The big wedding day will still happen – we just got the civil ceremony that has to happen before getting married in a church in Germany out-of-the-way in the best way possible!! And it was absolutely perfect!!

So there you have it…more big, huge, mahoosive news for you to digest!! Next up for me is a new passport and another trip to the US Embassy for a new visa – remember the last trip? Yep I’m not looking forward to it much either so expect more blog news from that one!!! Oh and there’s that wedding to plan in Germany next year!! That’s bound to throw up some more interesting posts for your perusal…especially with my German skills!! Busy but very exciting times in the Me, Myself and Atlanta camp!!!


12 thoughts on “Wedding Number 1

  1. Brilliant!! Love a spontaneous wedding! Congratulations to you both. You look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures Rachel, and what better place to do it than a beautiful beach?! xx

  2. This is brilliant news Rach. I love the spontaneity – it’s exactly how I’d like to get hitched! And Rachel Richter – awesome. Totally sounds like an US news reporter name *dramatic American accent* ‘This is Rachel Richter, reporting live from Atlanta, for CNN news’. YAY! x

    • Haha! Thanks Bolts!! If only I could make it to CNN – that would be ace!! It was a fab way to get hitched but we’re still having the traditional wedding next year! We’re just greedy!! Hope you’re well! Xxx

  3. Congratulations to you both! Chris and Becky told us the news and all very exciting. Being halfway through the whole wedding planning bit for September I can totally appreciate the impulse to just go off together and do it! Great that you’ll get the big wedding bit too in Germany though eventually.

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