Exploring: Miami, FL

Yes I know my trip to Miami was AGES ago but as you know a lot has happened since then (remember my last post? you know the one where I told you I’d got hitched? Yes? See I told you so!) I’m now taking you back in time, back to that Florida road trip and it’s journey to Miami!! Here goes…

After spotting Gators in the Everglades our road trip took us to where the beautiful people hang out…Miami Beach! Now I’m not sure about the rest of you but as soon as the word Miami enters my head I instantly think of a fair few songs including Will Smith’s ‘Welcome to Miami’ (classic in anyone’s books but of course it wasn’t his best work – that honour always goes to The Fresh Prince rap!!!) and this little beast by David Guetta – I’m in Miami Beach! Yes this became the song of the Miami stop – well for me anyway! I was the only nutter who was singing it all the time!

Now I was VERY excited to be heading to Miami! Before moving to the states it was always somewhere I wanted to visit but never really thought I’d get there, choosing somewhere like LA or New York instead! So you can imagine how I reacted when I realised that we were actually going to stop off there!!! OH YES!!!! It was HUGE idiot style celebrations all round! So after driving for about 3 hours my excitement had grown even more (much to the dismay of my fellow travellers!!!) and this was our first sight of Miami…


Yes there were palm trees but sadly the sky was full of grey clouds and it was raining…not the best start but hey it was nearly 8pm, the weather over here changes in an instant so we stayed optimistic! It just ruined the we’re about to hit Miami pictures!! (May I also add that I was driving at this point and the German was in charge of pictures…hence why half the car is also in the shot!!) After making my way through the Miami traffic (And at one point possible shouting ‘I don’t know where I’m going!!!’ and getting a little bit stressed!!) we made it to our hotel – remember the one I told you about in the post about the Everglades? Yep we were at the Riviera South Beach and so far it was looking good! Lots of people were milling around and the hotel lobby was lovely!

So we dumped the car outside and headed in where a lovely man began checking us in. He was so lovely in fact that he gave us a free upgrade to the new building so that we could have rooms together! Result! So we got our keys, got our bags out of the car, gave the car to the valet (very American I know!!) and trotted off to our rooms, hoping they were much better than the last one! The first signs were good – the hotel grounds were modern and very nice indeed! Then we got to our rooms and it’s safe to say we weren’t disappointed at all!! They were AMAZING!!!! Check this beast out…


Modern, bright and very trendy, so much so that the ceiling was bare cement – something Jannis couldn’t get his head around!! There were iPod docks, lovely toiletries and a very comfy bed that was expertly made as you can see! And yes there was some of this action…couldn’t be avoided…

Yes...I am an idiot!

Yes…I am an idiot!

Safe to say we were now happy road trippers as this was now our home for the next 3 nights! Yaaaay!!! So we bobbed inside, got changed and headed on out to sample the nightlife of Miami! The streets of Miami are ace – art deco buildings with neon lights! We took them all in as we headed to a cuban restaurant recommended to us by the hotel and once again we weren’t disappointed! You have to try this place if you’re ever in Miami! It’s called Havana 1957 and is located on Espanola Way – a lovely little street with lots of different restaurants on! The food was beautiful and the cocktails were amazing! Melanie and I indulged in a couple of Mango Mojitos which looked like this…


Yes we too had no idea what the big sticks were in them but we took one for the team, looked around and spotted someone eating it so we gave it a go…it didn’t actually have a taste so we gave up and stuck with the good stuff – the drink!! After a few more we trotted back to our hotel and sunk into the extremely comfy beds ready for more Miami action the following morning!

Morning came and guess where we were headed – oh yes the beach!!! Our lovely hotel gave us complimentary sun loungers on a the beach along with beach towels so off we went in search of some rest and relaxation!! And it’s safe to say our view for the day wasn’t bad at all…


Although most of the day was actually spent under the umbrella thanks to that lovely sunburn we picked up in Clearwater! Oh and the water in Miami – you’ll be pleased to hear it was very clear indeed! I think you could see some little fishes swimming in the water and everything!! Miami Beach is definitely a cool place to be! They have the best lifeguard stations ever! They’re all slightly different but still run along the art deco theme – check this one out…


After the beach we took a stroll through the streets and checked out the art deco buildings in daylight – I loved them!! Each one is different but they all run along the same theme – it’s a little bit like stepping back in time! You feel like you’re in a film or TV series like Miami Vice and can picture the scenes as you’re walking around!!

Oh and here’s a little gem I failed to mention about the hotel…every night it has a happy hour! This means free drinks between 7pm and 8pm and I’m not talking soft drinks! Oh no no! You could have spirits, beer, cocktails…just about everything!! And they were good! So we headed to happy hour before stepping out for another tasty meal…this time at an Italian again on Espanola Way! Cafe Nuvo did us proud! I think I tucked into lobster ravioli – definitely a good choice if you’re heading in that direction!!

Day 2 in Miami saw Melanie celebrate her birthday and if you ask me it’s a pretty good place to do it!! We again headed to the beach to bag some of those freebie sun loungers and soaked up some rays (you’ll be pleased to hear my sunburn was definitely getting better thanks to lashings of aloe vera gel!!) did some reading and generally chilled out! Then it was time to party for Melanie!! We obviously headed to the happy hour and then checked out the Mexican restaurant Oh! Mexico again on Espanola Way! (It would appear we like to try different cuisines from different countries but we like to stick to the same street in Miami!!) It’s another one for you to try if you’re ever in da hood – we tucked into nachos that were loaded with cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream and then went onto things like enchiladas, burritos and quesadillas all washed down with of course a margarita! And yes we did sort out a birthday surprise for Melanie…well I say we…it was actually Jannis!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

After food was of course birthday drinks!!! And to make our way there we hitched a ride on a Miami Freebee – basically an electric mini bus type thing that will take you from one end of Miami to the other for free – they just want a tip. Now this sounds kind of boring but believe me it isn’t! The driver blasts out some music and hey presto you’ve got a party in an electric car! Our driver chose this little gem for our trip…Daft Punk and Get Lucky! Tuuuuuuune!! It soon became the song of the road trip and random dancing was done by me every time I heard it – again I am an idiot!

But sadly our stay in Miami was about to come to an end…boooooo! But the Florida Keys were waiting for our arrival so it wasn’t all bad!! So the following morning we waved goodbye to our gorgeous hotel rooms, had the valet man bring us the car, packed it up and continued on our merry way…next stop Key Largo!!



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