Anyone for tennis?

So right now I’m supposed to be watching my first ever American football game with the German who keeps asking if I want to know the rules. However, I’ve been distracted! First of all by wedding cakes (the conclusion there is that they’re serious business and there’s a lot to choose from!) and now by you lovely little blog followers! Yep I decided to get out the laptop and give you a little update! So here goes…

The boy and I bought some tennis rackets about a month ago and since then they’ve been happily hanging in the spare closet…until yesterday! After saying to the German that we’re not very productive when it comes to weekends (which I admit is sometimes never a bad thing!) we decided to dust off those rackets and play our first ever game of tennis together! OK so we may be a little late for the Wimbledon rush but the US Open is on at the moment at Flushing Meadows (love that name by the way!) so we joined the masses (or thankfully lack of!) and headed to the tennis courts in lovely Roswell!

Here goes!

Here goes!

Now before we left I don’t think we really thought about the weather…it was bright sunshine and about 28-30 degrees, in other words HOT! It seems other people took note of this because when we arrived at the tennis courts they looked like this…


Yep, they were empty! We were the only nutters playing tennis in the afternoon heat – spot the foreigners!! But this was probably a good thing as it’s been a loooooong time since either of us last played so it could have been a little bit embarrassing if the pros were playing around us!

Now if any of you know the German you’ll know that he always likes to win. The boy is a bad loser and gets very miserable if he’s not victorious! So he was adamant that he would win and bearing in mind I haven’t played since I was a child it was looking likely! We took to the court and started with a few warm up shots. I missed the first one, not a good start and it left the German wondering what type of an opponent he was up against! But I redeemed myself and hit some good shots! Result! After a few breaks for water (believe me it was HOT!!) we decided to start an actual game…let the competition begin!!

Game number 1 got underway, first point to me! Yay! Second point to me! Yay! Third point to the German…boo!! Fourth point to me! Yay! And then guess what…yep game to Rachel!!! Wooooo! The German wasn’t very happy though especially when I went on to win the next 2 games too! I know…a good start! But things weren’t about to stay that way…mostly because of this…


Yep the German meant business. After a quick water break he soon fought back, the next game went to the German, and the next, and the next. I’d lost my touch, plus the German kept doing those little shots at either end of the court which meant I was doing a lot of running and physically couldn’t make it from one side to the other in time! Add to that the heat (did I mention it was hot?) and the final score ended up 6-3 to the German. Boooooooo!!


Sad face 😦

But according to the German I played well and that means he’s happy to go back to the courts and play again with me as his opponent! This readers, is an achievement for me, we once went out on our bikes together but I was deemed too slow and consequently banned from anymore bike outings with him! So being branded a good player and making an agreement to go at least once a week is a big thing!!

It means I’ll be seeing a lot more of this…


Yep the German in action on the tennis court! (He’s sitting next to me as I type this and asking if an action shot will be included – here it is oh German of mine!!) But hopefully we’ll think about the heat next time and won’t end up looking like a big sweaty mess!!


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