The end of the lady of leisure?

So as you all know the past 8 months of my life (well maybe more 9, I haven’t worked since before last Christmas!!) have been spent as a (temporary) lady of leisure. They’ve consisted of some of this…


Yep I am a lucky lady! Along with trips to the gym, lunch with friends, a spot of shopping in the mall and also that all important status as tour guide when the Richter Hotel was open.

But it would appear that is now all about to change…

So getting hitched to the German meant I got a new visa and a new status in America as an E2 Spouse. That status also means I can go out to work. You could say that was the downside of getting married! (I’m only joking German of mine!!!) So as soon as the German arrived back in the States he got the wheels in motion to get me that all important work permit. This was back in July and the German thought it would appear in a few weeks. Oh how wrong he was! He came home one day after speaking to the lawyer and revealed that it could take up to 3 months! Inside I was secretly jumping around and shouting YES! But obviously on the outside I was extremely sad that I wouldn’t be able to trot out to work everyday for at least another 3 months!!

However, on Thursday I asked the German if he’d checked the post when he came home. This is a usual sentence on a daily basis in the Richter house cos that’s usually what the German does when he gets home from work! He said he hadn’t because he had his hands full, I then said do you want to go check it now? This, my lovely blog friends, is a sentence I kind of wished hadn’t come out of my mouth when he returned from the post box!

He strolled in the house saying ‘You’ve got lots of post!’ Well when he said lots he meant 2 letters, that to me is a lot! I never get post! He went on, ‘One’s from Delta’ I replied with ‘And the other one?’ he just passed it into my hand with a sly smile on his face! I checked the postmark…Texas. My reply was ‘You know what this is don’t you?’ He then acted dumb with a ‘No’ answer. I went on to open said envelope that was red around the edges and had some sort of UPS delivery bar code on it – let’s just say it looked official and important!

I slowly took the pieces of paper out of the envelope and suddenly there it was…gleaming in delight as it fell out of the envelope…oh yes it was my work permit! It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, for some reason I thought it would just be a piece of paper with my name on it but it’s like a credit card with my picture on and everything! Although sadly the German seems to have sent them a picture where I look like I have a dodgy cyclops looking eye. Not good! But it does meant that Rachel Richter is now officially allowed to work in the United States of America. The German was obviously very excited about this…I on the other hand was slightly less excited! That’s it, I officially have to get a job!

So the applications are already heading in and on Monday the German is sending me to the Social Security office to get that all important number so that I can join the masses in the rat race and get stuck in the horrendous Atlanta traffic every day! (This I am not joking about – the traffic here is unbelievable!!!) As the 7 dwarves say…’Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!’

So if anyone out there has any tips on how to get a job in America or more importantly is in Atlanta and needs a writer/journalist/communications/PR/blogger/social media type person I’m ready and waiting for your call!!


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