Exploring: Music Midtown 2013

So this weekend the German and I dusted off our festival gear and headed to our first American music festival:


Music Midtown in Atlanta! Now we’d been waiting for this for months – the German got the tickets back in July when I was in England and I was one excited lady! Plus the thought of going to a festival in the sunshine was VERY appealing – you’ll find out why in a mo!

Friday came around and the sun was, of course, shining in the sky – it couldn’t have been anymore perfect! And off we trotted to midtown Atlanta in some unusual festival gear – shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops!! Now bearing in mind the last festival we went to was Leeds Festival and the UK is notorious for its bad weather (especially in the summer around festival season!) so we are used to this:


Yep it basically turns into one massive mud bath so imagine my delight when on Friday we had our sunglasses on and could even sit on the grass without worrying about getting mud on our bums – to us it was festival bliss!!


We saw the end of Pheonix (thanks to the massive queue to get int!) and one of Toby’s favourite’s Cake. Then it was the turn of headliners Journey. Now in the UK Journey aren’t that big – the only song I know is ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and this is mostly because it became a bit of an anthem at a radio station I used to work at! (Also one of my housemates hated it so whenever we were on a night out and it was played we would call him and sing it down the phone – a great idea until he came home the following day and played said drunken message to me! CRINGE!!) Back to the blog! Basically because this was the only song we knew and we didn’t want to get stuck in hours of traffic (or in a sweaty people sandwich on the Marta!) so we decided to jump ship and go home! A successful first festival day!

Day 2 however couldn’t have been any further away in likeness from day 1! Now I need to point out that it hasn’t rained in Atlanta for about a month (well actually since my brother and sister-in-law left – there’s something to be said for the Brits bringing the rain with them!) and unfortunately for us the weather forecasters had been saying all week that there was going to be some showers on Saturday. This we were braced for, a few showers isn’t that bad – especially when you think of the festival weather we’re used to!

We woke up and it looked a little gloomy…a bad start! The German headed off to watch his Bundesliga and I was meeting him later on to head to the festival. I was just getting ready when the rain started…and it wasn’t stopping!! Booooo! So in true festival style I donned my shorts, long socks and wellies (or as they’re known over here in America rain boots!) along with my waterproof jacket and went to meet the German. By now it was midday and it was STILL raining. Not a good sign! But we trotted off down the road and stopped off for a sandwich on the way! My legs were wet but that’s easily rectified! The rest of me was still rocking the dry look underneath the waterproof jacket – result!

We got to the entrance and once again there was a queue, oh and it was still raining. Suddenly the rain got heavier and heavier and we had nowhere to run to shelter!! Cue very soggy festival goers:


We were getting wetter and wetter by the second! My denim shorts were so wet they were dripping down my legs, onto my socks and into my wellies – so much for having dry feet!! Brace yourself for this one people – even my pants (or underwear as the Americans like to call it!) were wet! Sorry about putting that mental image into your mind but seriously I was soaked to the skin!! This was not turning out to be a good day!! It was now about 2:30pm and the rain was still falling!! We managed to catch the end of Weezer which the German was pleased about (I wanted to see Capital Cities but he won on that one!) next up was the band I was very excited about seeing – my fellow Yorkshiremen the Arctic Monkeys!!!! I could not wait – I just wished it would stop raining!!

But alas it wasn’t going to happen just yet! I looked up and the skies looked really grey again – another big downpour was on its way! By this point I think my waterproof jacket was so wet it was no longer waterproof! Oh and my wellies were squelching so much I took one off to see how bad it was – I actually had to tip water OUT of my wellies! Yep there was an actual puddle in there!!! I could squeeze the water out of my socks! As you can imagine this didn’t bode for a very happy camper and the thought of another downpour was not a nice one so we headed towards the trees to try to get a little bit of shelter and as luck would have it we came across a little tent that had just enough room for us to squeeze under! Perfect! The rain did fall again but we stayed kind of dry!! Oh and we found some drinks that gave us a little taste of home that we didn’t expect to come across in a festival in the middle of Atlanta:


Mine was the Strongbow and the Newcastle Brown was actually brewed in Tadcaster back in the UK!  Then it was time for another piece of home and the Arctic Monkeys so we braved the rain and we weren’t disappointed! For a moment I felt like I was back home – their Yorkshire accents were a joy to hear!! Their music was of course even better!!


We were slightly happier by this point! By now it was about 5:30 and the rain was finally starting to get a little lighter!! AT LAST!!!! By 6pm it had stopped and it didn’t come quickly enough!!! If it had carried on we were actually contemplating leaving after the Arctic Monkeys!! I was still soaked to the skin though!! We saw Imagine Dragons (who were FAB!!) the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Queens of the Stoneage before the headliners Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The site was now looking very similar to the Leeds Festival site – it was turning into a mud bath:


It was now 9pm and I was starting to get cold (my shorts were still soaked through!!) and we’d seen the Chilli Peppers before (and we weren’t impressed!) so instead of sticking it out and getting a cold we watched a few songs and headed for the exit – our festival day was over!! I was excited to get home and get a warm shower and the German was dying to sit down, saying his feet hurt – I think it’s a sign we’re getting old!!

I nearly forgot – we didn’t talk about the food! No idea how that happened! So as well as the usual festival food like pizza, burgers, chips and the like there were food trucks, gyros, huge turkey legs and more importantly BBQ!! Yep you could get pulled pork sandwiches and ribs and they looked amazing!!!!

All in all the festival was fab – even if we were soaking wet!! There was a slight problem when it came to the toilet – there were HUGE queues for the lovely (that was one VERY sarcastic lovely there!!) portaloos, or porta potties as they’re called over here along with massive queues for food – basically I don’t think there was enough of them for the amount of people on the site! We still enjoyed it though and will more than likely head back again next year – hopefully this time the weather might be a bit better!!

One last thing…I found this on Sunday on a (very sunny – typical!) trip to Marietta and got very excited:


Yep a little shop dedicated to all things British!! It was like a little slice of home for this little Birt in Atlanta but unfortunately it was closed! Booooo! This might have been a good thing – I could have been tempted to stock up on some very expensive British provisions – the German wouldn’t have been impressed!!


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