Exploring: Marietta National Cemetery, GA

Ok so this post is a little bit different for me – stick with me though – it’s definitely worth it – especially as you lovely people seem to like reading my usual ramblings!! I feel like this is something that I HAVE to share with you!

On Sunday the German and I went to Marietta (the place where I saw the British Corner Shop and got a little bit too excited!) and after checking out the square and having an ice cream in the sun we went to the National Cemetery. This could be the biggest cemetery I have ever seen – the view was just out of this world – lines of small white marble stones as far as the eye could see:


It was the perfect day to take a look – bright blue skies and sunshine and there was nobody around so we could take our time walking around and looking at the monuments.

To put it into perspective this cemetery spans 23.3 acres and is the resting place for 18,742 people who’ve fallen during battle. It was established in 1866 by General George Henry Thomas as a place to bury 10,000 Union soldiers that had died during General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. The guy who donated the land wanted both Union and Confederate soldiers to be buried their to try to foster some kind of peace but both sides rejected the proposal, resulting in the cemetery being used primarily to lay Union soldiers to rest.

I couldn’t get my head around the size of the place – it was just breathtaking and a beautiful final resting place for America’s fallen. I thought it would be unfair not to share a few pictures with you so here they are – enjoy!







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