Exploring: Lake Lanier, GA

Once again this weekend the German and I donned our exploring shoes and headed out into Georgia to see what other lovely treats this land has to offer and we weren’t disappointed!

We headed north and ended up at Lake Lanier – it looks a little bit like this:




Yep, breathtaking!! Now this place is, like a lot of things in America, HUGE and I mean HUGE! It’s spread over 38,000 acres, yep 38,000 acres or if we’re talking water, 59 square miles of it oh and it has 692 miles of shoreline – that’s one big lake to try to walk around!! Unsurprisingly the German and I skipped the option of walking around it all!!

Basically you can’t see the other side of it – it stretches as far as the eye can see and is just beautiful! Loads of people (including the German’s colleague!) have boats on the lake and literally spend every weekend there during the summer and I can definitely see why! Imagine it, blue sky, bright sunshine, sizzling temperatures and a beautiful lake to cool down in whilst sipping an ice-cold beer! Yep I’d be down for that too!

Alas that’s not what the German and I got up to yesterday! The temperatures are cooling down slightly in Georgia as autumn starts so there wasn’t much boating action involved! Instead we took a stroll around a small part of the lake and came across a bench swing! I love these things so obviously we had to have a go on it! Although the German likes to see just how high we can go – slightly scary but I went with it and we survived! We also took some pics – pretty difficult when you’re trying to make sure you don’t fall off but I think they were successful:


We finished our walk and came across many a group of people tucking into a BBQ – it seems the lake is a fab picnic spot and we were oblivious to this! The smells were fab as families got together and tucked into their grilled goodies – next time we are definitely sorting out some sort of picnic to take with us!

I’ll leave you with this little gem…


Aren’t we just beautiful?


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