Monday Morning Coffee!

OK so today I’m trying something new  – I’m linking up with a fellow expat blogger for Monday Morning Coffee!

monday coffee button

This is the brainchild of Molly, a Brit who has literally, and I mean like 3 days ago, just made the big move to the US to be with her husband! Right now I can guess exactly how she’s feeling as I went through the same thing 9 months ago (Wow I can’t believe I’ve been here for 9 months!!) she’s probably excited, very happy to be with her husband (alright I was only apart from the German for a couple of weeks so that’s kind of different!) and ready to explore her new city and start her new life! Good luck lady! And if you need any advice from a fellow expat Brit just ask! You, my lovely readers can check out Molly’s blog by clicking here!

So I’ve got my coffee with creamer (one of the many amazing things that are big in America! Today’s I’ve gone for vanilla-caramel flavour!) and I’m ready to join in the fun!


Coffee time! Guess who the mug belongs to?

Basically Molly talks about her aims for the week over a virtual coffee with other bloggers and that is exactly what I’m about to do!

One of my main aims this week, as it is every week at the moment, is to find myself a job! Yes, the job search is still well and truly on in the Richter household as at the moment nobody seems very interested in a little Brit who wants to go out to work! Sad times for me. I’ve applied to around 15 jobs I’d say, maybe more, and I haven’t had any replies at all. Sorry, I lie, I got an email saying I’d met the qualifications for one job and my application was now being passed to the HR department who would contact me if I was needed for an interview. I think that was about 2 weeks ago so I’m guessing they don’t need me.

This week I’m planning to up the ante – instead of just applying for jobs I’m going to get my resume out there, sending it to local radio stations, magazines, marketing agencies and anyone else who I could potentially work for! They won’t be able to escape me!  I will find some work!

And after feeling a little homesick and lonely last week (another reason why I need a job!) I realised I need to reach out and find more people to connect with! It may surprise you, me being a journalist and all who used to stop random people in the street to ask them random questions, but I am a little shy! In fact when I was a little girl I was so shy I would hide behind my mum’s skirt in shops and refuse to talk to people (this REALLY annoyed my mum as you can imagine!) and even cry whenever a man looked into my pram! Yes I was that annoying child! So I find it tough to go out of my comfort zone, be brave and put myself out there!

So there you have it, my aims for this week. First off though I’ve got a lunch date with my friend Mandy so despite my good intentions of writing this before 9am, the aims may have to go on the back-burner for a little while – well at least until after lunch!

What are your aims for this week? Get involved and let me know!


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee!

  1. Thank you so much for joining in with my coffee social! I am thriled you did and love the support of a fellow expat (love saying I am an expat – although I am so new at it, it does not feel real yet)!

    Have a good week!

    • Hey! Congrats again on becoming an expat! It does take some getting used to but you’ll get there! I’m still learning how to adjust 9 months on! Like I said if you have any questions just ask – not that I’m an expert of anything but I might be able to help!

      Have good week!

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