Black Ties and Soccer!

No I wouldn’t put those two things in the same sentence either but this weekend the German and I did! Yes men in tuxedos and women in evening dresses all playing football! When I say football I mean the extremely popular sport in the UK that the America’s call soccer! It looked a little  bit like this:

Black tie kit!

Black tie kit!

I know, not what you expect football players to be dressed in on a very hot Sunday afternoon! And they must have been soooo sweaty! It was hard to believe it’s October today – temperatures hit around 30 degrees, very different from the October I’m used to back in the UK! Anyway back to the football!

Let me tell you a little bit more about it – unsurprisingly it was all for charity! Lets face it football players wouldn’t have a black tie dress code if there wasn’t a good reason to do so! And this is definitely one of them! The match was a fundraiser for the non-profit organisation Soccer in the Streets. This group reaches out to teenagers who are on the margins of society – racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees – attending low-performing public schools. Some are from low-income and broken homes in high-crime areas, with high unemployment. Basically they try to give these kids a purpose and something to concentrate their energies on, encouraging them to forge a better future for themselves. Teaching them life skills as well as soccer skills. If you ask me, that’s definitely worth supporting! You can find out even more about it by clicking here!

It’s an annual event that sees all sorts of people getting involved and obviously they’re all dressed in some sort of evening wear – be it a fancy dress or a kit made from Skittles (yes I mean the sweets Skittles!!) as one player demonstrated:


Skittle fun!

Yes there are hundreds of Skittles stuck to his shorts and braces – must have taken him ages! Also he rustled when he ran and kept losing a few on the way! All in the name of charity!! Mini tournaments took place between the games like the crossbar challenge where players had to kick the ball and hit the crossbar – sadly nobody managed it, a few did get close though!

All in all though it was lots of  fun – just watching the players running around in the tuxedo’s did it for me! Definitely not your typical football match but definitely worth it and definitely for a good cause!

Here are a few more snaps from the day, including one with the German wearing a tiara – yep you read that right the German and a tiara!



And last but by no means least the German wearing a tiara:


See that was worth waiting for, wasn’t it?


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