Exploring: Roswell Scarecrow Festival, GA

Whilst driving through Roswell the other day on our way to play tennis I spotted this little guy:


Now obviously I was intrigued by this, especially when we headed further up the road and I spotted another:


Obviously by now I was getting a little excited in the car and very inquisitive asking the German what they were! He was as oblivious as me but I wanted an answer! So a couple of days later we headed back to Roswell to find out more! It turns out it’s the 5th Annual Boo Y’all Scarecrow Contest! Now why didn’t I know that?! American’s love Fall (or Autumn as we call it back in the UK!) and this is one of those fun for all competitions to celebrate the season, along with all the trimmings and decorations that go with it!

Basically these scarecrows are attached to lamp posts all the way up Canton Street and are designed and made by local schools, community groups, businesses and children. They’re all unique and focus on different themes. For example there’s the Surfing Scarecrow Hawk, made by children at Hembree Spring Elementary School:


The ballerina made by a local dance group:


And this friendly looking lady perched outside the gift shop that created her:


I think the scarecrows brighten up the street and it was lots of fun spotting them as we took a morning stroll through the town! I love the fact American’s celebrate things in style and at every opportunity – alright scarecrows aren’t very unique but there aren’t many places in the UK where these things still exist! America has its traditions and sticks to them and I like that about the country! They bring the community together and encourage more people to get out and about – community spirit definitely isn’t dead in the States! But I definitely don’t envy the person who has to pick a winner – I thought they were all fab! I’ll leave you with a few pics of my favourites!





Oh and there was this guy, I’m not sure whether or not he’s actually a scarecrow in the contest or just an advertisement for the pie shop (I only discovered that a pie shop, yes a PIE shop (this is exciting for a Brit – pies are staple food back home!!) actually existed whilst spotting the scarecrows, I got very excited and will definitely but heading back to check it out!!) but I like him and think he should get a spot in the blog! What do you reckon?


Do things like this happen where you are? Leave me a comment and let me know so I can find out even more about this country I’m living in!


One thought on “Exploring: Roswell Scarecrow Festival, GA

  1. I lived in and around U.S. military housing for years, and there were always monthly contests for the best landscaped lawns/decorations/you name it. I’m not surprised to see this – and I loved your photos! They make *this* expat feel a little closer to her roots. 🙂

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