Today’s Ramblings #2

So it seems the random ramblings of Rachel are continuing! Here’s today’s thoughts on the world:

First of all there’s been some breaking news in the Richter Household this morning – I’ve only gone and got my first job interview in America!! Oh yes!! It’s all happening on Thursday and I am actually very nervous! You see my previous interview experience involved radio stations that I already had a good knowledge of and to add to that I usually knew the people who were interviewing, mostly because I was either headhunted or because radio is such a small world in the UK that everybody know’s everybody! This for me is a whole new ball game! For a start it’s in a different country (alright they speak the same language but still, it’s daunting!!) and it’s my first interview for at least 2 years! Eeeek! But I’m going to do my research over the next few days and make sure I’m fully prepared! Hey, I might not get the first job I get an interview for but it’s all good experience and if I do get it that’s an even bigger bonus! Anyone got any tips to help me out? I’ll keep ou updated on how it all goes!


Eeeek! Nail biting stuff!

Today is yet another bank holiday in America – they seem to have loads! It’s Columbus Day! Yes the American’s celebrate the day when Christopher Columbus landed in the America’s and discovered this land they call home! Now, American’s have so many bank holidays that companies pick which ones they want to celebrate, that means the German is at work today…Booooo! I think this holiday is mostly celebrated by banks, post offices and schools although some companies probably get involved as well! For me it’s just another day – there’s no differences when it comes to shop opening hours and things. It’s a kind of  insignificant holiday compared to things like Thanksgiving and Independence Day!

God Bless America!

God Bless America!

Yesterday we turned up the heat when it comes to wedding planning – remember that second wedding we’re having in Germany next year? It appears the date is fast approaching and the German and I seem to be forgetting about this! Basically we still have LOADS to do! So yesterday we spent 2 hours looking at these:


Yep wedding invitations! We kind of figured these are a very important component of said big day! But who knew there was so many to choose from and so many different parts to them! And not forgetting the cost…jeez! After 2 hours in the shop we still didn’t make a final decision and walked out with a fuzzy head, feeling exhausted!! The German’s first words were ‘I need a beer!’ so we stopped off at a lovely little sushi place in Virginia Highlands where we tucked into some sushi and endamame beans along with, of course, a beer for the German and a glass of wine for me! Hey, we deserved it!! I then came home and started to look at wedding favors…running off to Florida like we did earlier this year is a much simpler option! Haha!

Also this weekend we experienced our first ever college football game – that definitely deserves a post of its own so stay tuned for that one!! How’s your week going so far? Any tips for me on organising a wedding or surviving a job interview?


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