Today’s Ramblings #3

I’m back and blogging again! If you follow me on Twitter (if not, why not?) you’ll know that the German and I headed up into the mountains for a couple of days to chill out in a cabin! It was amazing (and just like in the films!) plenty of blog posts to come from that one!!

So it seems fall (I mean autumn) has officially hit Atlanta and the weather has finally changed – man it is COLD! It was kind of weird for me and the German at the beginning of October when we were still experiencing 80 degree temperatures, lying by the pool and stepping out in our shorts whilst everyone  back home was complaining about how cold it was! The German even complained about the warm sunshine, saying he wanted it to rain so that he could spend a Sunday on the sofa! I’ve never heard those words come out of his mouth before! But everyone back home can now rest easy as the cold weather is here and it is freezing cold! It means I’ve cracked out these beasts:



Yep the scarves are officially out in the Richter house! I even cracked out the Ugg boots last night when we went on a ghost tour! However I don’t think the cold weather is sticking around for too long – temperatures are staying low today and tomorrow but they’ll be back up to 20 degrees celsius next week! Phew! It does make me think that I’ve gone soft though and been spoilt by all the hot temperatures! I should be used to this cold weather – we have it for months during autumn and winter back in the UK and it gets even colder hitting minus temperatures! This is already cold enough for me – I dread heading back to the UK and Germany at Christmas, not to see my family and friends of course, I’m so excited for that, but how will I cope in the sub-zero temperatures?!

A lot of things have happened since my last blog post – first of all there was that all important scary job interview and I think it went well! I didn’t really know what to expect, it being my first interview in the US! I faced a panel of three people who each asked me questions about my past work history and how it would fit in with this job. Obviously I answered them all the best I could and was told that it was the first stage of the process, if I make it through to the next round I’ll have another interview and then be told if I’ve got the job. So far though I haven’t heard anything so I’m kind of guessing it’s back to the drawing board on the job front with more applications to send off. I didn’t expect to get the first job I was interviewed for anyway – that would be just too perfect! Hopefully something will come along soon though!

And the Government’s working again here in the States! Yep, the shutdown is officially over! It ended last Thursday and it was lovely to see the gates of the local National Park back open without a sign on them saying closed because of the Government Shutdown! It also means I can head to the Social Security office to apply for that all important number!! Now, I’ve already given it a week so they can catch up on all the backdated work in the hope that the queue won’t be too long when I go there! Maybe I’ll take the plunge on Monday…

Right my hands are cold typing this (told you it was a cold one today!) so I’m off to make a bowl of soup to attempt to warm me up! Brrrrrrr!!!


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