Exploring: Pumpkin Love = A Pumpkin Patch!

The German wanted a pumpkin. I think this is because, as I told you before, pumpkins are everywhere in America right now! Every shop you go into there’s a pumpkin, every restaurant you eat at there’s something pumpkin related on the menu and the German now has a lot of love for pumpkin beer! I think he’s sad that soon it will be heading off the shelves for another year!

So whilst we were out and about on Saturday I spotted a pumpkin patch and the German drove straight in!! I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, in fact I got a little bit excited whilst I was driving back from the supermarket (grocery store!)  the other week when I spotted one at the side of the road! And I was definitely not going to be disappointed! This was what we saw as soon as we got out of the car:

Clever pumpkin artwork!

Clever pumpkin artwork!

Yep a load of pumpkins in the shape of a pumpkin! Very clever indeed and very welcoming! Despite this being a trip for the German I was now very excited! Why have I never been to one of these before and why do we not have them back in the UK?

The pumpkin patch was so cute! Every so often gathered around a tree there was a selection pf pumpkins just waiting to be picked up and taken home where they were probably going to meet a grizzly death involving a knife and some scary cut out shapes to make a Jack o’Lantern! That was the plan for ours anyway!



We wandered around in an attempt to pick our pumpkin, bearing in mind I have never bought a pumpkin in my life! Some of them were huge! We spotted so many shapes and sizes we were kind of confused by it all! But we battled on (it was a tough job!) and carried on with our mission to find the best one!

After checking out a few of them the German settled on his favourite and it was kind of big – I think he was determined to emerge himself into the American theme of bigger is better! So he wandered over to the stall, paid his cash and had a huge smile on his face – he now had the pumpkin he’d been wanting for weeks!

Proud pumpkin dad!

Proud pumpkin dad!

Our first trip to a pumpkin patch was a big success! All that was left to do now was head home and get that pumpkin carved! Now this job was designated to the German – he was the one who wanted the pumpkin in the first place! I was given the job of finding something to make with its insides and found recipes for pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup! My job was done!

But have those dishes been made yet? Of course not because the pumpkin is currently residing here:


A selection of pumpkins!

Yes he’s living on the fireplace, uncarved with some slightly smaller friends! The German, despite being so excited about it, hasn’t done his job! And with Halloween arriving tomorrow and the German going out for drinks tonight I think it will be me who’s battling with the knife and leading the pumpkin to its grizzly death in time for those trick or treaters!


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