Happy Halloween!

Lets face it – America rocks when it comes to Halloween! Like seriously rocks! There’s no half-hearted effort in this country, no sir-ee! They go all out and more! And tonight is the night when it all comes to a head! Yay! Lets take a look at some of the differences between an American Halloween and a UK one…


The Decorations

American’s like to decorate their homes for everything! If there’s a celebrating there’s decorations – 4th of July, Easter, Fall, Christmas and of course Halloween! Houses everywhere have pumpkins on their porches, some are carved, some are literally just there to look pretty! Then there’s the Halloween based decorations, they are amazing!! Spider webs are hanging from porches and in bushes, ghosts and skeletons pop up in windows, zombies and witches sit on porch swings, gravestones are placed in gardens and dead looking people lurk at every corner!! Check out my neighbours decorations:



Then there are the people who go one step too far! We spotted this house whilst up in the mountains the other week! Every inch of the garden was covered in some sort of blow up Halloween decoration:



And the grandma who was driving away from the gym the other day with these beauts hanging out of the boot (or as they say here in the States, trunk) of her car:


Apparently she tells her grandkids that if they don’t behave they’ll end up in grandma’s trunk too! Oh and we obviously got involved in the Halloween decorations trend:

IMG_6071Yep we have a big fat Happy Halloween banner, pumpkins and lights in the shape of pumpkins!! It’s our first effort – give us some credit!!

The Costumes

American’s go all out with their Halloween costumes! Shops are full of different things to dress up as for weeks before Halloween and they’re not just witches, ghosts, vampires and zombies. Oh no, no, no! People go out dressed as anything on Halloween – clowns, Presidents, doctors, teachers,, celebrities and even random things like sweets and a neighborhood! (My friend told me about this one yesterday – a group of them did it together, he was the church, others were houses, kids, parents, shops etc! Sounds amazing if you ask me!!) There’s no kids whacking on a scream mask, knocking on your door and expecting you to give them money over here! For once I won’t be pretending I’m not home!! I can’t wait to see what characters turn up at my door later!!


The Candy

It is everywhere right now and I mean everywhere! You go in the supermarket and there are boxes upon boxes of Halloween based candy and man it is amazing!! For a start there’s Candy Corn (that stuff is addictive!) followed by Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses (again addictive!) not forgetting the usual suspects like Reese’s, Hershey’s, Twix, Milky Way and the rest of those chocolate treats we all love! I made the fatal mistake of buying ours early and opening it:


Let’s just say it doesn’t look like this now and I’m hoping I have enough for the kids that come to the door tonight! Whoops! It turns out they have a Halloween candy top 5 list too (it was just on the TV) and I might pass as a good house to visit! Woo! Number 1 is Reese’s, tick! Number 2 is M&M’s, cross, although I do have some in the cupboard that I could bring out in an emergency! Number 3 is Snickers, tick! Number 4 is Hershey’s, sort of tick – I have the pumpkin spice ones! And Number 5 is Kit Kat, cross! 3 out of 5 ain’t bad!


The Rules

Yep there are rules for Halloween over here! We had an email the other day from our apartment complex people asking if we want to get involved and will we be giving out candy to the kids! We obviously replied with yes! (Had we been in England the answer would more than likely have been no!) The kids then get a list of apartments they can go to – a good idea if you ask me! Also you have to leave your porch/outdoor light on indicating to the Trick or Treaters that you’re happy for them to knock on your door! Apparently this rule applies everywhere, no light on, no knocking! Works a treat if you ask me! Good job they sent the email though or I would have been really upset – our porch light is never on and I wouldn’t have known that it needed to be lit so I would have been sitting here with a sad face because nobody had knocked on the door!


So my first US Halloween is here and it’s started with my friend sending me a message saying ‘Happy Halloween!’ you don’t get that in England!! Next up is pumpkin carving (the one that the German bought and failed to carve!) and then I’ll be waiting for the knocks on the door later on! I am so excited!! I can’t wait to see the costumes and the cute kids all dressed up shouting ‘Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!’ I did, however, ask one of my friends how much candy I should give them – I don’t want them to be that lady in apartment 7K who doesn’t give out enough candy!


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Great post! Love your decorations, and the fact that you’re having so much fun with this! That’s pretty much what you should be doing at Halloween – it’s meant to be fun. All of my children are grown, but the porch is decorated, and I have a ton of candy ready, but we won’t talk about the candy we’ve already eaten here!

    Halloween is also sort of the opening to the entire end of the season holidays. Once Halloween is over, the ghosts and witches leave the decorating, but the pumpkins, straw, gourds and leaves stay. They make perfect decorations for Thanksgiving, which I love! And then we get into the whole Christmas thing…

    • Hey!
      Thanks for the comment!

      I reckon you have to get fully involved in these things – hence the decorations! The Holiday ones will be next and I can’t wait!!

      How was your Halloween? We’re still trying to get through the candy here…! I obviously bought too much!!

      • It’s November 11, and I’m still eating Halloween candy. LOL, does that tell you anything? We hd quite a few trick or treaters, too, but I guess I bought too much.

        We were happy to have Halloween at least. Last year at that time, New Jersey was digging out from the terrible damage done by Superstorm Sandy. Many areas still didn’t have power. I spent last Halloween dealing with the $36,000 in damage done to my home by a 65-ft Oak tree that fell into it, destroying my roof, along with walls, ceilings, floors, and my ability to feel safe in my home. As horrible as it was, two of my sons were home at that time (I’m a nurse, and was required to work that night), and thankfully were not injured. Even our cats survived. We *just* finished having all the damage repaired, and I’m getting my last insurance check this week!

      • Haha! Thanks for the comment! It’s now the 15th of November and we’re STILL eating Halloween candy here! Definitely bought too much!

        Wow, the devastation from Superstorm Sandy sounds terrible. I monitored it on TV from the UK and just couldn’t believe how much destruction it caused. Hearing it first hand makes it even more real although I still can’t imagine the impact it had on your life and where you start to clear up. Like you say, the main thing is that nobody was injured. So glad you’re getting things back to normal!

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