Today’s Ramblings #4

Pinch, punch, first of the month and all that! Jeez I can’t believe it’s November already!!! Seriously! It will be Christmas before we know it and the German and I will be on that place back to Europe for a couple of weeks! (Yaay! I’m so excited about that part!!) I’ve actually just seen a piece on the news this morning about Santa coming to Kennesaw tonight!! It’s only November!! Apparently he’ll be there with a marching band and reindeer! Too early if you ask me!

Anyway, how was your Halloween? Mine was fab! It started off with the birth of Mike! Nope I haven’t had a baby, unless you class this little beast as one:


Say hello to Mike!

Yep Toby’s pumpkin got a makeover! What do you reckon to my first ever attempt at carving a pumpkin? (At the age of 30 I know I’m a late starter!) I think I did a pretty good job! The trick or treaters seemed to think so too! Oh and then I became a domestic goddess and used Mike’s insides to whip up this:



Creamy roasted pumpkin soup and it was delish even if I do say so myself! And I roasted the seeds too – spicy and candied, the German was impressed!! Then came the trick or treaters – as we all know this was the part I was VERY excited about! 5pm came around and I put Mike outside and turned on the porch light – I was ready!! (I’d also bought some more candy from the supermarket just in case we’d eaten too much of it!) An hour passed before there was that first knock on the door – yay!! We answered it and I was sorely disappointed – the kids weren’t even dressed up!!! Here was me expecting these elaborate costumes I’d heard so much about and there was nothing, not even a scream mask! Even the kids in England manage a scream mask! Anyway I gave them some candy and hoped the next one would make up for it! About 5 minutes later there was another knock and this time I wasn’t disappointed:


Check out that trick or treater!! I was very impressed – he got extra candy!! He also set the bar for things to come – we had batman, the joker, an alien and the cutest little guy who was in his dads arms holding a pumpkin shaped candy holder! The cutest one ever!!! Needless to say we handed out the candy with big smiles on our faces – our first American Halloween complete with Trick or Treaters was a big success!! I’ll definitely be doing that again next year!!  We still have loads of candy left though – looks like we’ll have to eat that ourselves, (She says with a pained look on her face!!) I’m not complaining about that one although I probably will when it comes to getting into that wedding dress!

I spotted this whilst in Costco the other day – something that you’ll only see in America and I had to share with you:


Yep you’re not seeing things they are mahoosive safes for your home! Apparently they hold up to 48 guns – who needs 48 guns for a start!! Also you’ll need a big house to fit that beast in, not so hard over here where everything is massive but again, who needs 48 guns???

Oh and I gained some serious wife points the other day! Woooo! I went to Aldi to do a spot of shopping (The German likes to support his fellow Germans and best cake customer!) and whilst strolling through the aisles I came across Christmas chocolates. Yes, Christmas chocolates in October, before Halloween! I shook my head and walked around the corner where I came across these:


German Christmas treats that my German LOVES!! Obviously I was not walking past these things without them falling into my trolley! In they went! However, I put them away when I got home and totally forgot to tell the German about them! Whoops! Later that night though I headed to the cupboard for some sort of sweet treat and remembered. When the German saw them he was one happy man and even said ‘I was just thinking the other day that I could eat some Spekulatius!’ I’ve already been told I need to go back and stock up on some more! Best wife in the world – 100 wife points to me!!

Happy weekend guys! What have you got planned? Hope it’s something exciting!!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #4

  1. Hey, Someone clued me into your blog and I’m enjoying reading the little details that are apparent to you.

    I can offer a little bit of explanation on something as large as a –48– gun safe at Costco. Costco (and Sam’s Club) originally started as a supplier for small businesses. People that ran small shops and restaurants. The idea was to allow the really small businesses get bulk prices, even though they only need a very limited quantity of the item. In other words they need orders too small for bulk purchases from the manufacturer, but larger than going to a normal store for consumers where there is no bulk cost savings at all.

    Now in the last 10-20 years these stores have opened up to everyday consumers who don’t mind buying small bulk quantities to cut costs. They became popular for this actually. Nonetheless, the stores still make an effort to cater to small businesses. They often have an expanded office supplies, LED ‘Open’ signs, etc…

    Well many small shop owners of Pawn Shops, hunting/sport shops, etc.. often will need a 48 gun safe. They also can help hold other valuable merchandise. I’m sure there are some gun collectors/enthusiasts that will buy them too, but the original intended consumer was small shops.

    • Hey! Welcome to my blog! Glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for the help on the safe thing too – I was just shocked by the size of it! I’m sure there will be other things I come across that you can help me with! Keep reading and enjoy!

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