It’s Fall Y’all!

And man is it oh so beautifully pretty here right now!



Let me explain…living in Atlanta is like living in a forest! There are trees absolutely everywhere! You can be in the midst of the skyscrapers one second and literally walk around the corner and be surrounded by trees in suburbia! Personally I love it, you get the skyscrapers of a big city but you also get the trees and green-ness (if that’s actually a word!) of the countryside! What more could you want?

Right now the temperatures are finally getting a little bit chillier in Metro Atlanta (still not as cold as I’m used to in November though!) and leaves are finally changing on the trees, everywhere you look it is simply picturesque! There are so many different autumn/fall shades around you can stop yourself from looking at them and thinking WOW! There are reds, oranges, yellows, browns and of course the ever-present greens!

So I thought I would take a few pics for you to share the joy of autumn in Atlanta! Take a look at the beauty I am lucky enough to see everyday:

But all those trees means there are millions of leaves falling off them! Picture the scene, every road, piece of grass, section of the floor gradually gets covered in leaves as they float to the ground! I kid you not, they are everywhere! But the lovely people of Georgia have a solution to this, of course they do!

First there’s the leave blowers that literally just blow them out of the way! Magic! Although sometimes the people doing this stray into the road and you have to make sure you don’t hit them when you’re driving past! And then there’s the solution I spotted at home the other day…so there was a guy with the leaf blower thingy blowing the leaves into one area, then, and this is the amazing part that you would never see anywhere else except for America, a truck came along with some sort of hoover device on and literally hoovered them all up into the back of the truck!! Poof and they were gone! I have no idea where they were going after that but just the fact that they were hoovered up out of the way amazed me! But I suppose you have to do something to get rid of them, and that, my dear readers, is a very logical and pretty simple way of tidying the place up!


4 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’all!

  1. Beautiful pictures! Fall color is mostly over up here in NJ, but there are tons of leaves on the ground, and still a good many on the trees. Aren’t those leaf vacuums amazing? We have 30 trees in our yard, so raking leaves starts in October, and continues into the early part of December. We used to use around 400 leaf bags every year, but now we just rake them into huge piles at our curbside, and the leaf vacuum comes around and sucks them up! They are taken to our township recycling center, where they are turned into free mulch for residents.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! The colours really are amazing around here at the moment! And yes the leaf things are ace! I didn’t realise they come around the neighborhoods and suck them up! I actually noticed piles at the front of some houses yesterday and thought ‘I now know why they’re there!’

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