Today’s Ramblings #6

The German wants to light a fire. Here. In Atlanta.


Yep, we have a beautiful wood burning fire in our apartment and apparently he’s really excited to get it going since we moved in back in March. The thing is, we live in Atlanta, in the South, where the temperatures rarely dip below 15 degrees celcius, and to me that isn’t cold!! But the German is determined to light a fire at some point! He was so close but yet so far on Saturday – it was kind of chilly for a change, in fact so chilly that I’d retrieved the throw we used to use practically everyday back in Leeds and wrapped myself up in it on the sofa! But sadly for the German we were going out that evening and my exact words were ‘If we weren’t going out tonight, you could have had a fire.’ He wasn’t impressed! But he’s already planning his first fire – he’s checked the weather out and he reckons today could be the day!! If it is I will have one very happy husband! I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Now if there’s one thing you don’t want to see whilst driving in Atlanta (apart from the rows and rows of traffic that are inevitable through the 4 hours that consititute rush hour!) it’s this:


Yes the delightful school bus! I agree, they look amazing and at first make you feel like you’re in a film (yes American readers, back in the UK we don’t have the yellow buses, we’ve only seen them on the big screen!) but once you’re behind one you may aswell double, or maybe triple, your journey time! These things stop EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE! Unlike in the UK where they stop at the usual bus stops and the kids have to walk the rest of the way home, here in the States they literally stop outside every single house, well as long as a student lives there! I got stuck behind one yesterday, and I kid you not, the bus moved literally 1 hundred yards before stopping again! House, after house, apartment complex after apartment complex, if kids were getting off, it was stopping and they seemed to be getting off at every single one! And it isn’t much easier if you’re heading in the opposite direction either, once the bus stops, both sides of the road must stop too! But at least on the other side once you’re past it, you’re past it, not stuck behind it stopping every 2 seconds!

And get ready for this gem…the Holiday season is in full swing here in America! So much so that even the fast food joints have ‘Holiday’ menus! And when I say fast food I’m talking places like Church’s Chicken (for you Brits back home this is like a KFC!) who are offering a ‘Holiday Bundle’ that gives you 8 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob! Seriously?! Yes, because this is America! God Bless it!


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