Today’s Ramblings #7

I reckon I can read your mind! Yep you heard that right, I reckon that right now, at this very second that you’re reading this I know exactly what you’re thinking. What you’re wondering right now and you’re desperate to know is…Did the German get to light his fire? Am I right? Yes? No? Well if it was a yes (yay I can read minds!) then you’ll love the next bit of this blog post, if it was a no (boo my mind reading skills ain’t what they cracked up to be!) then tough, because you’re about to find out the answer anyway! And here it is:

Toby's Fire

Yes, the German’s dream finally came true and he got to light a fire! It suddenly turned cold yesterday here in Atlanta, and despite the German saying he was going to the driving range after work, he skipped it, was home before me and the fire was already underway! That’s despite the fact I said wait for me to get home for blog pictures!! Yes ladies and gents, I’m always thinking of you and this blog! The German just couldn’t wait any longer to play man and fire! (What is it with men and fire?! They have some sort of obsession with it don’t they? Or is that just my German and should I be worried about this?) Anyway, the fire was looking pretty and the German was very happy indeed:

Toby's Fire 2

Look at those smiley, happy chops!! The boy is in his element! However, he did use a whole box of firewood and had to be stopped when he went on the hunt to his man cave (also known as the spare closet or dumping ground where the suitcases, bike, golf clubs and the German’s DIY tools live!) for more wood and even then it was still glowing when we went to bed! The German assured me this was ok but I was kind of worried about it! When I got up this morning, however, it was freezing, and I mean FREEZING in the apartment so I went to close the fireplace to keep some cold out, but, the German’s blummin fire was STILL smouldering!! Yep, over 12 hours after he started it there was still smoke coming from it, sadly no heat though! But the first fire in the Me, Myself and Atlanta house has been deemed a success, the house doesn’t smell of smoke (phew!) and the German will no doubt be lighting more of them throughout the winter, well once he’s cleaned up from the last one – his fire, his mess, he cleans it up! My housewife duties don’t stretch that far!

Speaking of the weather and how cold it’s become in these parts over the past couple of days, we got an amazing email from our apartment complex the other day! It was entitled ‘Freeze Warning’ and went along the lines of:

‘Dear Neighbors,

The weather reports say that we will be getting some freezing temperatures for the next few nights. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your home safe and warm:’

So my first thought was check out the spelling of neighbours (I sometimes forget where I am!), then soon after it was more along the lines of ‘are we really getting this email?’ Yep it seems in America you get warnings about everything, even how to handle the weather! Now I know we Brits like to be prepared for things and as soon as a snowflake hits the ground we bolt out of the office and head home causing traffic jams 10 miles long but emails like this don’t happen back home! Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering what handy and helpful tips we were handed? Yes? Well here goes:

‘Please remember to let your faucets drip.’  The German’s reply to this was ‘what’s a faucet?’ once the fact it’s the tap was quickly cleared up we moved onto the next one:

‘Set your thermostat to at least 65 degrees (heat – auto)’We were already failing on this one, our heating system isn’t even turned on! However, that is kind of self-explanatory, you’re not gonna have it any lower than that – you’d be sooooo cold!!

‘Leave all your interior doors completely open to ensure proper circulation in your home’Common sense if you ask me!

‘Open the cabinet doors under the kitchen/bathroom sinks to keep the pipes inside the walls from freezing.’Now when we’re talking freezing temperatures in Atlanta, we mean temperatures might reach freezing overnight but will warm up quickly the following morning, not the minus temperatures we see back in England that stick around practically all day and I’ve never kept my cupboard doors open under the sink to stop the  pipes from freezing, I’ve also never had frozen pipes!

And my personal favourite:

‘Please be careful when walking/driving on icy surfaces.’Basically because if they don’t write that and you slip, fall and hurt yourself of your car skids into something they’re probably going to end up being sued for a large amount of money! Got to love the suing culture over here!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not slating the fact they did this – it’s kind of nice that they’re looking out for you and making sure you know what to do/staying safe. However, it’s really just common sense isn’t it? You’ll more than likely take these steps anyway! It just amazes me that companies think they have to do this to cover their own backs if something went wrong and now that we have this email they can always say ‘well, we did warn you about these things!’

Please comment and let me know, is this a common thing in America or just something my apartment complex seems to do? You definitely wouldn’t get it in the UK, that’s for sure!


5 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #7

  1. I’d say it’s common in communities in the South … most of the buildings aren’t built for freezing temps, so all the things you read are needed! (And you’re right, so much of it is common sense!)

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