Holidays are Coming!

Can we have a moment for this please? YAAAAAAAY HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!! (Can you tell that I’m excited about this prospect?!)
And this means Christmas adverts which I LOVE! The thing is though, over here in America they’re just not the same.  Sad face time 😦

Let me explain…

Back in the UK, probably around the 1st of November, this advert appears on TV:

Seeing this officially means Christmas is on the way (along with the hundreds of Facebook updates from friends which all say ‘Just seen the Coke ad, Holidays are coming!’ or ‘Just seen the Coke ad, it’s officially nearly Christmas!’) however, I haven’t seen it this year. Again, sad face time 😦 I’ve seen the updates on Facebook weeks ago, but I haven’t seen the advert on TV. Living in the city where Coke was created, I find this very sad indeed! I have seen one Coke ad:

But, it’s just not the same as the Coke trucks!!

Now in the UK, the Christmas ads don’t stop at Coca Cola, oh, no, no, no! Every big department store and supermarket has a one and they are a big thing! Each one is like a little film and tells a story, everyone gets excited when they arrive on screen and they’re the talk of the office at work! And thanks to the joys of Facebook and my friends posting all the links I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them all! And because I’m so nice and I don’t want you guys to miss out, I thought I’d post a selection of my favourites so that you can see what I’m talking about!

So, first up is the Marks and Spencer ad. This is one of the most iconic British shops ever, Ma Cook worked there for more than 30 years, my brother and I both worked there during university along with my cousin, so it kind of has a special place in the Cook household! Every year they do something different, and this year it has a Alice in Wonderland theme! I think it’s good, but not the best one of the season! Have a look and see what you think:

Yes, the dog is cute, yes the German’s eyes pricked up when the underwear scenes were on, and yes it’s kind of magical! But it doesn’t beat the next offering, this one by the supermarket Sainsbury’s. Now I’m not going to lie, I cried when watching this one:

Yes, I did just cry again! It’s just such a nice advert and what Christmas is all about – family, food and fun!

Next up is another supermarket advert, Tesco. Now the German saw this one before me and said it was rubbish, I on the other hand had a totally different reaction:

Yes, it made me cry and yes the German thought I was an idiot for crying at an advert! But that advert is again what Christmas is about and reminds me of every Christmas in the Cook household when growing up – we always ran down the stairs but had to wait to see if Santa had been before going into the living room, there’s always a family argument with Ma Cook standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine whilst cooking and of course it’s all about family!

The last one needs to come with a warning – this is my absolute favourite of the season and cannot be beaten! It is amazing, and once again made me cry! Let me introduce to you to the John Lewis Christmas Ad 2013:

Every year this department store comes out with the best advert – last year it focused around a couple of snowmen and yes, there were tears when I watched it! There are no other words for this one apart from AMAZING!

As you can imagine, watching TV during the festive season in the UK is a nightmare! I love the adverts coming on but end up in a blubbering mess all the time! No matter how may times you watch them they always have the same effect! Watching these now though just gets me more and more excited for our trip back to Europe for Christmas and New Year! Yay! We’re spending a week in Germany over Christmas and a week in England for New Year! And never fear lovely blog readers of mine, as German’s don’t do the traditional Christmas dinner (they’re seriously missing out with that one!), Ma Cook is pulling out all the stops and we’re having a second Christmas day on New Years day!! Yay!! The woman is amazing and I am so excited!!

So, what did you think of the ads? Which one was your favourite?


5 thoughts on “Holidays are Coming!

  1. I’ve seen some of the Christmas adverts coming up on facebook, and I have to admit, waaay better than any thing I see here in the US. We used to see the Coke Christmas ads, and I loved them, but haven’t really seen them, except for the polar bear ones, in a long time. However, I was lucky enough to see one of the Coke trucks in person, on Christmas Eve, several years ago!

    • I think it’s the ‘cry factor’ that wins it on the British ads! The tears are always flowing for me! Although I love the Coke trucks ad and wish they still aired it over here! Seeing a Coke truck on Christmas eve must have been fab!

  2. Coca Cola used to have lots of commercials like those two every holiday matter of fact a couple months ago I was looking at a collection of commercials from the 80’s on Youtube and it reminded me of how warm, fuzzy and special a lot of Christmas commercials were here back then. Now a days it’s like just a bunch of people yelling “Spend money on us this Christmas!”.

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