Today’s Ramblings #9

Hey peeps! How was your weekend?It’s freezing and raining here today so I’m snuggled up on the sofa with the heating on (I know, I didn’t think I’d need it in Georgia either!) and a throw to keep me warm and toasty! I also have a good old cup of tea now that we’ve finally invested in one of these:


A good brew!

Yep, 10 months after landing in this country we’ve got ourselves a kettle! I don’t know how I’ve  managed without it for so long but somehow I have! You see in America these things are practically non-existent! Some people don’t even know what they are!! Let me explain oh lovely American friends of mine! You see a kettle in the UK is a ‘must-have’ in every kitchen, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t own one! First of all it’s used for that all important cup of tea! A brew fixes everything in the UK, fact. But it also makes cooking easier – you can whip up some broth quickly by boiling the kettle and not needing a pan on the stove, you can get your water boiling quicker when you’re making things like pasta or potatoes and it’s just generally a very useful too to have in the kitchen! It’s definitely a welcome addition to mine! I do have to point out that we did bring one over with us from the UK but thanks to the different voltages over here it didn’t work – booo! Now though I can make as many brews as I like! Yay!!

I plunged even further in to the American life the other day, well that’s maybe exaggerating things a little! I tried this comfort food special:



Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich! Apparently this is perfect comfort food out here in the States (along with things like mac and cheese! Yum!) and it definitely hit the spot for lunch on Friday! The melted cheese in the sandwich was amazing (who doesn’t like cheese right?) and when it was dipped into the tomato soup – one word – yummy!! I’ll definitely be delving into that delight again, especially now it’s getting colder! Perfect Sunday afternoon lazing on the sofa food!

Oh and the German had a fire again last night, when I didn’t bank on was hoovering out my washing machine in the process! (You weren’t expecting that one, right?!) Yep, in the process of building his fire he managed to get the wood in the washer! Let me explain, the wood is stored above the washer in the utility closet, and despite me saying ‘close the washer before you get your wood’ the German left the lid open (for you Brits out there it’s a top loader!) and whilst returning the wood he didn’t want back to the shelf we ended up with this:


The wood fell all over the German, all over the floor and into the washer! Typical boy! So I found myself getting out the hoover (vacuum if you’re American!) and hoovering the bits out of the washer! Ah well, it’s one to tick off the list and the German did produce something pretty so I can’t complain!




2 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #9

  1. In this US household, we’ve had two of those kettles for at least 4 years. I do notice though, that when watching Brit tv shows, there’s always one on the kitchen counter; and while watching Gordon Ramsay bluster around in other people’s kitchens (F-word, I think?), there’s always one somewhere in the kitchen. We love ours!

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