Black Friday Madness!

Come on then, fess up, how much turkey did you manage to eat your way through? Did you survive the food coma? I stuffed my face with bacon wrapped turkey, a huge ham, a mountain of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables and mountains of other food! Oh and that broccoli cheese casserole I had to make – turned out pretty well if you ask me! What do you reckon?

Well, there should have been a picture here but I was so excited I forgot to take one – massive error on my part! But it was creamy, golden brown on top with melted cheese and went down a storm! Yay!

So after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday which basically translates to millions of manic shoppers across America trying to bag the best bargain ever! Shops literally have 60% off everything, including the items that already have a discount!! The thing is though, some people go mad, and by mad I mean they start camping outside stores on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that they’re the first in the queue!! Seriously! This is actually happening at our local mall. And it’s freezing outside – like minus temperatures at night (this is a rarity in Georgia!) Who on earth does that?! You’d never ever catch me pitching a tent outside Macy’s ready to be the first in the queue! I’d rather be recovering from that food coma on the sofa!

Black Friday is getting pretty ridiculous over here though if you ask me – many stores are now opening on Thanksgiving Day! Now Thanksgiving doesn’t really have the same relevance to me – being a Brit and all – but I definitely was not heading to the stores on Thanksgiving Day! It’s a holiday – not time to shop! You should be spending it with family and friends, sipping a few drinks, eating waaaay too much food and generally falling into a huge food coma! Some stores opened at 8pm and stayed open all the way through the night – I’ve just seen pictures on the news of people hauling 50″ TV’s over their head through the crowds! Madness!

I will however be shopping today – but I won’t be the first in the queue! I’ve enjoyed a lie in and breakfast and will soon be heading out to brave the crowds that I’m hoping might have calmed down a bit! I hate crowds. I avoid shopping at busy times at all costs but when there’s huge deals on a girl has to give it a try, right?!

So we’ve made a list of the shops we need to visit – we’re planning on getting some Christmas pressies at the same time – and hopefully we’ll survive to tell the tale! I’ll be kitting myself out in my comfy shoes and heading off on my Black Friday mission! Hopefully I won’t have too  many people pushing into me or blocking the way! There’s nothing worse than being bashed into by those serious shoppers who shout at you if you get in the way! I think I might need a big glass of wine by the time I get home!!

The plan is to head home with loads of bags (hopefully the German won’t do his usual man thing and get fed up after one shop!) some major bargains, a completed Christmas shopping list and maybe a couple of treats for ourselves!


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