Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

All together now…

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!” or as the German would say “Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum!”

Once Thanksgiving is over in the US it can only  mean one thing – it’s time to get a Christmas tree! Now Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year – I love getting a Christmas tree, decorating it and making the house look and feel festive! There’s nothing prettier than a Christmas tree with beautiful baubles and lights! I just love a good Christmas tree! Let’s face it, I hands down, categorically love Christmas! (How many times can I get Christmas into one paragraph?!)

And back to the story! So, the German and I wanted the biggest Christmas tree that could fit in our living room (well technically I think this was my idea but the German was willing to roll with it!) we are in America after all, but there was a problem – there was no way it was going to fit in either cars so it was Carson and his HUGE truck to the rescue! So on Saturday morning we headed North to find our Christmas tree!

First stop…breakfast of course! And we tucked into this little beauty:

Christmas Tree 1

That my friends is a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with a side of hash browns and it was delicious!! I’m sure everyone in the UK is thinking ‘a biscuit? for breakfast?’ this isn’t the usual biscuit people – this is more like a scone, it’s light, fluffy, flakey and so tasty!! Pappa Jack’s is a proper Southern breakfast stop!

So once we’d filled up on breakfast and coffee (it was an early start, we needed it!) we headed to the Christmas tree farm – I was one excited lady! Turns out in these parts you can actually cut down your own Christmas tree!! Amazing right! I think it’s safe to say this was going to be a very different Christmas tree experience that we were used to! This wasn’t just turning up at a supermarket and walking away with a tree and your weekly shop that’s for sure! We rocked up to the farm and realised it was a lot more than just a stop off for a Christmas tree! We were greeted by a petting zoo of a goat, some rabbits and these shy alpacas:

Christmas Tree 2

I’m not going to lie, I was glad they were shy! My love of animals is minimal, I’m scared of practically any animal, especially dogs after one pinned me up when I was little! The more shy the better if you ask me! There was also a massive wooden reindeer, a cute little house to buy wreaths from and of course, those all important trees!

After a quick pit stop for Mandy to pet the goat, the German and Carson picked their saws and we headed in to the rows of trees to find the perfect one! We walked up and down and quickly realised that these trees were different to our usual Christmas tree – they were more like conifers shaped into a Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree 5

Turns out these are the ones that grow in Georgia – the Christmas trees we usually buy are grown in North Carolina and shipped down, so unless we wanted a cute conifer looking tree, the German wouldn’t be cutting down his own 😦 But, Mandy and Carson found the perfect little fella and Carson was straight in there with his saw to get that beast down! We were shouting ‘Timber!’ within minutes…

Christmas Tree 3


Now it was time to find our tree! These were already cut down so we headed  off to choose one – the biggest tree we could find! Well maybe not, some of them were HUGE! We wandered around looking for the best one and then we found it – it was just the right size and heading to our living room!

Christmas Tree 6

Proud Christmas tree parents!

Mission accomplished! We both had Christmas trees, they were wrapped up and in the back of the truck in no time! Yay! Christmas was about to land in the Richter house and it was mostly thanks to Carson and his truck:

Christmas Tree 7

So after a few pictures in front of the huge white reindeer, the German stocked up on firewood (of course, this was bound to happen!) and Mandy and I were safely off the back of the truck and inside we headed off home to decorate our trees!! A few hours later, after kicking the chair out of the living room to make room for the tree, realising we didn’t have enough lights, heading out to get new ones, ending up in the beer market sampling beers and filling growlers (whoops!), we finally finished decorating it and, if you ask me, it looks pretty good! Best tree ever! What do you reckon?

Christmas Tree 8

Although I did say to the German that we could have got one slightly bigger – there was still space between the top of the tree and the roof! The German just looked at me funny and said ‘seriously?’ I think he though I was a little mad! I just love a big Christmas tree! Mandy and I also took the trimmings home from the bottom of the tree to be creative with – I turned mine into this:

Christmas Tree 9

Yep, I’m pretty proud of that one too! I’m also loving having a fireplace to hang stockings from! I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to do that! The Richter house is now officially ready for Christmas (well apart from the lack of presents!) and I can now satisfy my obsession with Chrismtas trees and spend hours staring at our pretty tree and its beautiful decorations! The sad thing is we only get to enjoy it for 3 weeks before flying to Europe for Christmas and New Year 😦 The stockings won’t even be stuffed with goodies! That’s ok though because we get to see our family and friends instead and I cannot wait!!


7 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

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  2. I’ve recently found your blog and read all the way through it…I’m used to reading American expat blogs, living vicariously, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the other side! I love hearing your thoughts on America, especially the South, my homeland 🙂 Congrats on the wedding and keep up the good writing!

    • Hey Carrie, thanks for the lovely comment! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the blog and finding out what I think of America and your homeland! I am loving it out here and I’m sure there will be many more adventures to entertain you with!! Thanks for the congrats too!

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