Today’s Ramblings #10

So after my excitement of buying a Christmas tree (I’m obviously sitting and staring at its beauty right now!) I realised I never filled you guys in on how Black Friday went! The German had the plan that we leave the house at 8:30am – I already knew this was not going to happen! Neither of us are the best at getting out of bed, especially when we don’t actually need to! Needless to say we ended up leaving the house at 10am and that was fine by me! Like I said before, I’m not bothered about being the first in the store and stuck in the middle of the crowds!

So off we trotted (well drove!) to the outlet, ready to find some bargains! Except it took us around 20 minutes just to find a parking space. Damn. Eventually we did though and off we went. Now I HATE busy shops with a passion, so after seeing the car park full to bursting I was fearing the worse…but I was pleasantly surprised! I think because America and everything in it is so big the shops didn’t seem as full! There was a couple that I had to get out of because I couldn’t move anywhere but most of them weren’t too busy! Phew!

Black Friday 1

Still smiling and with bags in our hand! This was going well! We were picking up some good bargains, one I was particularly proud of was a new bag or should I say purse seen as though I’m in the States (every girl needs a new bag, right?) from Kate Spade – half off plus another 20 percent! Oh yes! I was one happy lady! So after trudging around the outlet and leaving with our hands full of bags it was now time to hit the mall, first stop though was food! The ‘I hate shopping’ German was doing well but he needed a pick me up – we decided a Five Guys should do it:



That place does good burgers! And it was much-needed after all that shopping! Re-fuelled we headed off to the mall in search of more bargains! Eventually, at around 9:30pm we made it home! By this point the German was doing his usual shopping tricks and heading off to other shops and giving me the look that says ‘I’ve had enough’!! I have to admit that I was ready for home too! But at least we had a successful Black Friday – check out this haul:

Black Friday 2

Success! And we made a dint on the Christmas shopping list at the same time! The spreadsheet loving German worked out that we saved more than we actually spent! I’d definitely go shopping on Black Friday again – there’s some good deals to be had but I would never be the first in the queue or in the shops on Thanksgiving Day itself – that’s just going a little bit too far!

Oh and you know how our friend Carson helped us to get out Christmas tree home in his truck? Well it seems a truck isn’t the only way to get your Christmas tree home in the States! Those who don’t have one just strap it onto the roof of the car!


Yep, the highway is full of cars with Christmas trees on top – this is something you would never see in England (I actually think it is against the law!) and I love it! I think it’s because I love a good Christmas tree!  Every time I spot one the German gets the delights of me saying ‘Christmas tree on a car!’ he thinks there’s something in the road he needs to avoid and then tells me off! Whoops! I’m just getting festive!!

How was your Black Friday? Have you strapped a Christmas tree onto the top of your car?


5 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #10

  1. Yes i had my Christmas tree strapped on the top of my car on Sunday, but will not be in New Jersey for Christmas. will be with my parents in Hastings, East Sussex and love you blog.

    • Every time I see ac are car with a tree strapped to the top it makes me smile! Glad you’re like me and have a tree even though you won’t be there for Christmas! And thanks for the lovely comment – hope you keep loving the blog!

  2. We have strapped every Christmas tree we’ve ever had to the top of whatever car or truck we had at the time. That includes the 12 ft. trees we had for a few years. How do you get your trees home in England, if you can’t put them on top of your car?

    • Yay to the tree on the car! Back in England most of pour cars are hatchbacks so we can usually fit our trees in the boot (or trunk as you call it over here!) if we put the back seats down! Our trees are usually a little smaller too as we don’t have as much room at home so it’s easier to fit in the car!

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