Food: Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Atlanta, GA.

If there’s one food you have to try when you come to America is BBQ and by BBQ I obviously mean ribs!! Juicy, fall off the bone, saucy ribs! Yum! So, after a tip-off from a friend, the German and I headed here:

Fat Matts 1

Yep, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, and a shack it was! The sign outside says this place is ‘world famous’ but I’m not sure just how true that statement is! From the outside it doesn’t look that spectacular, and, I’m not going to lie, had we not been tipped off about this place I probably would have driven straight by and given it that ‘doesn’t look too great’ look! How wrong I would have been!

So, we trotted in to get us some ribs! I was excited (you know how obsessed I am with food!) and it smelt good – well it smelt good before you even walked in the door thanks to the smokey smell outside but inside it was even better! This place was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, and than it looks from the outside! I imagined an actual restaurant where you sit down and someone takes your order but I was wrong! It was packed! There was some live music which probably didn’t help (well it did for bringing in the punters for the restaurant but not for 2 little expats wanting some ribs!) basically you place your order at a window then find a seat wherever you can:

Fat Matts 2

See I told you it was tiny! So after checking the area for space and realising there wasn’t any, we decided to do a take out and eat our ribs at home! So we checked out the menu on the wall:

Fat Matts 3

It had everything you would expect from a southern rib shack – ribs (obviously!) pulled pork, chicken, baked beans, Brunswick stew, collard greens and of course mac and cheese!  (A southern meal just wouldn’t be complete without it right?) There was one thing missing from the menu that I thought was a staple everywhere in America – fries, or chips if you’re from the UK like me! This was ok though – I could definitely live without them with a menu like that! The German and I decided on a full slab of ribs with a side of coleslaw and that delicious beauty that is mac and cheese! I LOVE that stuff! We placed our order at the window and waited for it to be ready – checking on its progress as we waited:

Fat Matts 4

See, I told you this place was tiny, even the kitchen is small!! It’s everything you’d want from a southern rib shack though – we had to shout our order in because the place was loud, the smell was amazing and the atmosphere was fab! I was definitely looking forward to tucking into those ribs once they were ready! Suddenly our name was called and we were presented with a brown paper bag, full of rib goodness! We were off! I cradled our meat baby all the way home, my mouth-watering at the same time! Finally we made it back and plated up the juicy ribs and we weren’t disappointed:

Fat Matts 5

Just look at that delicious slab or ribs right there! Making your mouth water right? I could eat that again right now and it’s only 8am! They were delicious! They fell off the bone (exactly how they should be, right?) the sauce was just the right temperature when it came to spiciness and they hit the spot perfectly! The weird bit was the fact they were served with slices of bread! This may be a southern thing but I wasn’t expecting that when I opened the greasy package! I wasn’t complaining though! Oh and here are those tasty side dishes we opted for:

Fat Matts 6

Along with some extra rib sauce of course! My favourite was the mac and cheese, (who doesn’t love the creamy, cheesiness?!) the German preferred the coleslaw, perfect match if you ask me! We polished it all off, every last bit – well I gave some of my bread to the German but I ate the most important things – the ribs and the mac and cheese!! Amazing! I did fall into a little bit of a rib coma afterwards though!

Please Note: This is an unsponsored blog, I did not receive any payments or endorsements for this review, all views are from the pit of my very grateful stomach!


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