Exploring: Dekalb Farmers Market, GA

So, being away from home for three weeks inevitably means you need to do a HUGE grocery shop when you get back! This was top of our list when we returned to Atlanta this weekend and when I say a HUGE shop I’m talking MASSIVE! We needed everything! The fridge and cupboards were bare! So we decided to try out this place:

Farmers 1

The world…in a market!

After recommendations from a friend, we made our way to the Dekalb Farmers Market. Now, back home in the UK, a farmers market usually consists of a few stalls, set up by farmers in a town center or rural place, where farmers literally sell what they produce on their farm – things like pies (oh how I miss the pies!), cheese, bread, meat, fresh produce, you know, the general stuff sold on a farm but usually with some sort of homemade twist that always makes them taste delicious!

Now, as the picture suggests, this was far from what I was expecting!! This place is HUGE! And is literally what it says – a world market! There’s something from just about every country in the world! It seemed like that anyway! We strolled inside (without a trolley or cart as they say over here in the States!) and were amazed by what we saw! There’s literally everything you can think of under one roof – I was in grocery shopping heaven! The German was soon sent back outside to find a trolley!!

One happy shopper!

One happy shopper!

We started to make our way around, stopping off at the dried fruit and nuts, making our way through the spices and seasonings and the beer and wine section – who wouldn’t stop off at that bit right? Then came the fresh produce…I was about to learn a lot about fruit and vegetables! Now, I’m not a girl who doesn’t know anything about fruit and veg, in fact I actually thought I was quite clued up having worked on a produce department in a supermarket back home when I was in college! But as we made our way up and down the aisles, picking up things like broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, carrots – the usual stuff – we were discovering things neither me nor the German had ever heard of before:

New discoveries!

What is a yellow melanga? Never heard of that beast before or a white yautia for that matter! It was definitely proving to be an education for us! After filling our trolley with fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs we moved along to the bakery section – the part I think the German was looking forward to the most! The boy is, as described in his name, German, and Germans love nothing better than a good bread roll!! They live off the stuff! Breakfast, dinner and tea usually includes some sort of bread element, and if not bread another form of stodge! Anyway, back to the blog!

As we moved closer, the German’s eyes lit up! There was every type of bread you can imagine – baguettes, ciabattas, rye bread, normal white bread, multigrain bread, brown bread, cheese bread, onion bread, you name it, it was there! They even had a little selection out to try! The German didn’t know which to choose! But we settled on a baguette, a Bavarian rye bread (he’s German, we had to!!) and a fruit bread with walnuts and cranberries! Yum!

The next thing we were amazed by was the fish section – again HUGE! You can pick a whole fish, have it skinned, de-boned and fileted just how you like it! And believe me there was every fish imaginable – some I’d never heard of before!

Farmers 4

Oh and they were definitely fresh – some were even still alive in tanks at the back of the section! You could peer into the tanks of live catfish and crabs:

Farmers 5

After picking up some tilapia and salmon we moved onto the meat and deli area – again the German got a little excited, this time when he saw the cheese counter!! The man is a cheese monster! We headed straight towards it and picked up some delicious treats including a gouda, edam, some German brie (didn’t know that existed!) a greek cheese and a cheddar – our cheeseboard was sorted!

We looked over the salad section – there were loads of things I wanted to buy but we already had enough to eat! Then headed to the meat section where I picked up some sausages that looked very much like the proper sausages we get back home in England! I was excited to try those out!! The German headed towards the cooked meet counter and found some teewurst – a German sausage, and some salami and our shopping cart was full! Despite looking at the cakes (we would have been traitors to the German’s cakes if we’d bought one of those!) and the fresh pizzas and pasta we decided we had enough goodies for today and headed to the cashier!

After playing the guess how much this is going to cost game (and victory going to me!!) we headed to the car and then home to tuck into our treats! If you ask me we got a pretty good haul:

Farmers 6

And, after stuffing our faces with the most delicious cheese, bread and salami when we got home we realised we’ll definitely be heading back there soon!

* This is an unsponsored blog, I did not receive payments for this review, all views are my own.


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