Today’s Ramblings #11

It’s been awhile since I did one of these so I thought it was about time to fill you in on the little things that have been happening lately! There’s LOADS to tell you but I’ll try to limit it to just a few

So, first of all the German and I have embarked upon the Wedding Diet. Yep, after months of attempting (and failing miserably) to lose some timber to fit into that wedding dress in May we’ve now joined forces and we’re doing it together! We will be lighter when we walk down the aisle! So, we spent a lot of yesterday in the kitchen – I made some soup for lunch this week whilst the German knocked up some granola and a breakfast salad (he’s a good un I know!) We picked our recipes before doing the big shop this week and we’re sticking to them! They’re all from low-fat cook books (Weight Watchers and the British legends that are Hairy Bikers) and we’re tracking our calories on our new friend My Fitness Pal. (We were friends before but we fell out, we’ve now made up and we’re talking everyday again!) Jet lag and waking up at stupid hours like 5:30am means I’ve been in the gym by 8:30am – a record for me and along with my friend who’s getting married a few weeks after us, I’m taking as many classes as possible! I think I’m gonna be in some serious pain by the end of the week!! Ouch! But look at what we get to eat:



Yep, that’s a diet recipe you’re looking at! It’s a chicken bake from those delightful Hairy Bikers – or Hairy Dieters as they’re now known and it tastes AMAZING! It even has cheese in it! Yep, you can eat cheese on a diet! Phew!

We discovered this the other day:

Ramblings 1

OK so that’s not the best picture in the world but it is The Container Store! Only in America would there be a shop dedicated to storage! There was literally every type of storage you can imagine – closet, office, bedroom, kitchen, craft room – yep, you read that right, craft room, travel accessories and even a claw to hold your football/soccer ball or basketball onto the wall! I’m sure I’ve missed some bits off – this store was MASSIVE and all it had in it was storage! Some were practical, some were logical, others were things that you would probably never think of but because you’re in a storage store and you see it, think ‘that’s clever’ and end up buying it but never using it!

I just watched an advert for KFC – I now really want one! Kind of not working with the old Wedding Diet! ARGH!!

Oh and I need to fill you in on what I did on Sunday (If you follow me on Twitter this will be boring to you! Sorry!) after the gym and those hours in the kitchen I had the perfect Sunday afternoon – I made friends with the sofa (the German was deported to the chair – it was actually his choice!) and put one of the most amazing films on TV – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Oh YES!! I set the DVR to record it while we were away and it was the best way to spend a jet lagged afternoon!! That film is legendary – I can watch it over and over again! I used to dream of getting a Golden Ticket when I was younger – and having a trip to Willy Wonka’s factory – even now I’d love to go there and eat everything in the first room they visit, lick the lickable wallpaper and try an everlasting gobstopper! It’s one of those films that I know inside and out after watching it so many times – I think the German got a little bit annoyed with my singing though!


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