Expat Troubles: Jet lag!

It’s been a week since I stepped foot back in American and I’m still struggling to re-adjust to the time zone! A week!! 7 whole days and I still can’t seem to make my body get used to living on Eastern Time! I must be getting old! I thought I might have cracked it by now – what with it supposedly taking a day per hour difference to adjust but, 7 days on (I had a 5 hour difference!) and I’m still struggling! Bleugh! Usually I can handle it pretty well but this time it seems to have seriously kicked my ass!

Jetlag 1

Here’s how I usually attempt to get rid of the beautiful thing that is jet lag – we all love it, right? So, when we get to America it’s usually about 2pm, but in my head it’s 7pm. The aim of the game now is to try to stay awake for as long as possible, and for someone who can fall asleep mid-sentence (seriously, ask my friends!) this can be tough! But, last week we had a few tricks up our sleeves!

After accumulating a LOT of stuff back in England and Germany (and having to buy a new suitcase to bring it all back in!) we had a lot to unpack making that the first job on the list! Next up was the Christmas tree! Yep, our tree was still standing proudly in the corner of the living room and looking very green! Surprisingly, there wasn’t thousands of needles on the floor and there was still some water in the tree holder! Result! We spent a good couple of hours taking off the decorations and hauling the tree out of the apartment – the German did this part but I had to follow him with a dustpan and brush to sweep up the thousands of needles that now decided to fall off! After getting the house back to normal and taking a shower, we headed out to Taco Mac for some food. By this point it was about 7pm and I wasn’t feeling tired!! Result! So we stuffed our faces with the delight that is queso (seriously, you NEED to try this cheese based goodness if you ever step foot in this country – well it’s actually Mexican…) and wings washed down with a beer and then we hit the tiredness wall! Woah.We hit that wall bad! We got home and collapsed in bed at about 10pm – we did well!

Next day we woke up at 8am! Result! I thought we’d cracked it! And in one night! We got up, went to the farmers market and ran some errands. But, when it came to chilling out on the sofa, I was dropping off to sleep at around 8pm. Nooooooooo!! The next day we woke up at 5:30am and neither me nor the German could get back to sleep! Booooooo! This trend seemed to stick (with me at least!) for the next few days, I feel asleep like an old lady on the sofa and laid awake in the morning waiting for the alarm to go off!

Now, as I type this I feel like I’m going to drop off…7 days later!!!! When will this jet lag hell end? After going to the gym (see, it does have some benefits!) I’ve struggled to focus on anything, I’ve attempted to do things but found myself attracted to making friends with the sofa instead! I’m surprised I’ve managed to write this! All I want to do is sleep! But I MUST STAY AWAKE!

So here’s hoping I kick this jet lag beast in the butt and soon!! Come on fellow expats – how do you manage to beat it? Anyone got any hints and tips for me?


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