Exploring: Bear spotting in the woods.

Well, that’s what the German wanted to do when we went to stay in a cabin in the mountains, I, on the other hand, was looking for something a bit more relaxing and I wasn’t disappointed! This little trip took place a few months ago now (we’re talking October!) but I haven’t got around to filling you guys in on it…until now!

I hadn’t really thought about staying in a cabin until a friend mentioned it to me, then I was on a mission to get the German there! After looking at several different websites I realised that this would be, as with many things over here in the States, just like in the movies!! And when we arrived at our cabin in Blue Ridge, after driving up some very bumpy, windy, narrow dirt tracks of roads (we were properly in the mountains!) it was everything I thought it would be – this was going to be our home for the next 2 days:



This thing had everything! I think I actually ran into the cabin saying ‘It’s just like in the films!!’ It seems that is a common statement to come out of my mouth at the moment!

So we’re talking enough beds to sleep about 6 people, a huge kitchen, living room with an open fire and cosy places to sit – basically a home from home in a cosy cabin with a mountain theme! Perfect! The German felt a little bit like he was back in Germany with the wood walls! Check it out peeps:

It was so cute! The kitchen looked a little bit like a farmhouse kitchen (I actually wanted to take the table home with me…I’m desperate for a farmhouse table!!) the bedroom was open plan (maybe not so good if there’s more than 2 of you staying!) and the living room was cosy! Oh and imagine the German’s delight when he spotted that open fire – we all know how much he loves to make a fire! (More about that here!) Oh yes, he was itching to get those logs burning!

But there was more to explore before that was allowed…first off the outside of the cabin that I’d go so excited about when we pulled up! Lets start with these:

Cabin 8

Rocking chairs!!! Ever since moving to the south and spotting these beasts on the beautiful southern porches we have been wanting to get in on the action! Sadly, the fact that we live in an apartment (I’m already dreaming of that southern house with a big porch!) means we haven’t got any 😦 But this was our chance to feel like old people (back home in the UK rocking chairs are usually delegated to old people or new mums trying to get their babies to sleep!) and rock away! I figured there’s no way you can sit on one without rocking…

Then there was the fire pit:

Cabin 9

Everything was in place for some singing around the camp fire! And the German technically had a second place to start a fire…however we figured one was enough and our neighbours wouldn’t want to hear our beautiful singing voices so we left the fire pit alone! It would be fab if there was a big group of you though!

Oh and not forgetting this:

Cabin 11

A hot tub!! Every cabin should have one!! It’s the perfect way to relax after a hard day exploring the woods – especially when you have a glass of wine in hand!

So what did we get up to in this cabin of ours? Well, we took LOADS of supplies! I’m talking the normal stuff like bagels, meat and salad, mixed in with lots of snacks like pretzels, chips (crisps if you’re British!) chocolate, Haribo (the sweets that dreams are made of!) and of course beer and wine! We were set for some serious cabin time! The German started off with this fire:

Cabin 12

What is it with men, fire and meat? Obviously I was not allowed anywhere near this…the man was in charge of the BBQ! I’ll let him off though – he did a good job with the burgers! We sipped on wine and beer and the German successfully make the cabin look and feel even cosier (if that’s a word!) with this:

Cabin 13

Yes, with a huge smile on his face he made a fire! Sadly though I don’t think the chimney was very clean – it stunk the whole cabin out!! Ah well – it looked pretty and allowed us to do this:

Cabin 14

You can’t be in a cabin, with a fire and not toast some marshmallows! Man they were good! Oh and we took each other on in the battle of the board games – Richter Vs. Richter! (We sound really rock and roll, right?) Now I need to point out here that the German hates to lose – I mean HATES it! He gets miserable and sulks for a while before even contemplating playing again! I lie, sometimes he’s so annoyed he suggests a rematch almost instantly! First up was Jenga – we all love to build those blocks right? I think it was probably an even win and lose on this one! Then came the big one – Monopoly! This is where the rivalry started! And by the look on this face can you guess who won?

L is for...

L is for…

Woooooo! I was indeed victorious and kicked Mr Richter’s butt!! He was absolutely broke and definitely not a happy chappy! Although if I win it’s all about luck and which places you land on, but of course when the German wins it’s all about skill and tactics…yeah right!! But after plying him with another beer and some Haribo he soon perked up and got over it!

We also went for walks in the mountains to check out the fall foliage and explored the nearby town of Blue Ridge – that’s getting a blog post of its own so stay tuned for that one!

Sadly, after 2 fab, chilled out nights it was time to wave goodbye to our temporary home and head back to reality in Atlanta…sad faces all around. However, we will definitely be heading back to those woods! Maybe next time with some friends and even more supplies!!

Oh and I know what you’re all thinking – did we spot any bears? Well, despite the German keeping watch at all times (it seemed like that – often I’d catch him looking out into the trees in hope!) there wasn’t a bear in sight. Cue the sad German…


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