Exploring: Blue Ridge, GA

Hey Peeps! Today I’m trying something different – I’m linking up with Bonnie Rose who blogs over at A Compass Rose for Travel Tuesday! Basically it’s all about writing a post that involves some sort of travel, it could be somewhere you’ve been or want to go, travel tips or travel dreams! Make sure you head on over and check out Bonnie’s blog too – believe me, it’s a good read!Bonnie’s an expat like me but she’s in the UK! On her blog she talks about life, fashion, travel and loads of other stuff so make sure you take a look! Share the blog love people!

So, as I mentioned in my post about our cabin fun, we wanted to explore a little town called Blue Ridge. It was the closest to our little cabin in the mountains and we were eager to see what it was like! So we headed down the track and into the town.

Blue Ridge 1It was definitely a cute little town! I don’t really know what I was expecting but this came pretty much close to the image in my head! It was literally one street (well 2 if you count the other side of it!) with a railway line running through the middle! See, I told you it was a cute little town! Now when I’m talking a railway line (or railroad if you’re American!) I’m not talking one with huge industrial trains going along it, this was for tourists – a scenic line that runs once a day! We skipped that though and decided to explore the town instead!

Blue Ridge 2After finding a parking space (that was pretty tough – there aren’t many in such a little town!) we headed off for a stroll in the sunshine! It was pretty damn gorgeous out there and we were ready to soak it all up! We started off down the street and wandered in and out of the little shops. There was all sorts on offer – we went into a cute antiques shop and spotted lots of lovely little treasures we wanted to bring home! We gazed lovingly into the sweet shops selling home-made fudge – I really wanted to stock up but the German refused, saying we had enough treats back at the cabin! The boy had a point! I dragged the German into some little boutiques (he’s a typical boy who hates shopping!) he took me into a shop that sold walking and outdoor equipment (that type of shopping he’s alright with!) we looked in a gallery, checked out some vintage cameras in another antiques shop, spotted a German beer garden (yep, those Germans really do get everywhere, even in one of the smallest towns in Georgia!) and checked out some local artists in a store dedicated to them! We strolled along the railway line and took in the quaint little buildings – I think they’re typical of a rural Georgian town – small, cosy and looked like they should be on a movie set! They had cute porches, beautiful balconies and were mostly made of wood – perfect if you ask me!

But strolling through the town, as small as it was, gave us an appetite so we stopped off for a beer and a snack in Harvest on Main – one of the few restaurants on the little street. There had to be a food reference in the post – you know me and the German! It was busy (Pa Cook taught me this was always a good sign!) but luckily we got one of the last tables outside on the balcony! Yay! After checking out the menu and deciding we only wanted a little snack (we had a BBQ to eat once we got back to that cabin!) we both chose the beer cheese soup:

Blue Ridge 3

And man oh man was it delicious! I mean, beer and cheese is the perfect combination right? (Well, cheese and wine goes well together too!) For the German it was perfect – he’s a HUGE beer fan and a massive cheese monster! What more could you ask for? It was creamy, cheesy and just right for that snack to keep us going until later! However, when the waitress mentioned the deserts to the German cake man he just couldn’t resist this:

Blue Ridge 4

Bread and butter pudding and it was lick your lips and the plate tasty!! Despite telling the German I was full and didn’t want any I soon tucked into it with him and fought for the final piece!! Definitely one for you to try if you’re ever in the area!!

After filling our bellies with delicious food and quenching our thirst with beer we took another look at the quaint little town and headed into the general store – this place had everything!

Blue Ridge 5

Check out all those goodies! Plus I love the fact the sweets are displayed in a boat!! It was everything your typical general store should be – it had food, drinks like root beer, sweets of every kind, old-fashioned and new, toys, souvenirs – everything!! Definitely worth a browse!

After checking out as many stores as possible, we got back in the car and went back to our secluded little cabin for our final night – another BBQ, some relaxing in the hot tub and more rivalry over some board games, obviously accompanied by wine and beer!

But, before you go check out the other blogs in the link-up (including of course our host Bonnie Rose!) here are a few more pictures of beautiful Blue Ridge.

What do you reckon? If I were you I would definitely put it on the list if you’re ever in the area!


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