Today’s Ramblings #12

Time for another Rambling post from your friendly little British expat in Atlanta! So first up, I know what’s on all of your lips…how is the wedding diet going? Right? Well, even if it wasn’t you’re getting a little update! So after eating VERY healthily for a week (except for the Mexican on Friday night – everyone has to have a cheat day!) and hitting the gym like there’s no tomorrow (my poor jet lagged body wondered what the hell was happening!) I lost a grand total of 3 lbs! I’m happy with that – if I lose that every week I’ll be set for the big day! The German did well too – I think he doubled my weight loss and dropped 6 lbs! Good work bolo! The scales, this week, were our friend! Lets see what happens next week…

On Saturday night the German and I went to the movies! (Yes, I did just say movies and not cinema – I’ve gone all American on your asses!) Since we moved to America we’ve only been to the flicks once – we’re really bad at seeing films! But we’re making it a priority to go more often this year and more so after going to the cinema at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. Three words – BEST CINEMA EVER and here’s why:



These were, by far, the best cinema seats I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in! We’re talking full on recliners with leg raisers – you could practically lie down in those beasts! We were tipped off about this treat of a cinema by some friends but this was more than we were expecting!! We’re talking so comfy you could fall to sleep on them – the German predicted this of me but I proved him wrong despite my track record of sleeping through entire films! I think the fact that we saw Anchorman 2 helped with this – Ron Burgandy is a legend! I think it’s safe to say we won’t be going to any other cinema apart from the one at Phipps in the future!!

However, the curse of the American car park struck when we headed home! Seriously – those places are so confusing! For a start they are HUGE, like bigger than any other car park I’ve ever been in! I would sometimes get confused in multi-storey car parks back in the UK but now I realise they are a breeze compared to these American beasts! So, we walked out of the doors and into the car park and headed in the direction of where we thought we’d parked the car. We walked, and walked, and still didn’t find it! The place looked the same in every direction, every corner we walked round I was positive the car was there but every time we were disappointed! Then the German remembered he’d done this:

Clever Boy!

Clever Boy!

I knew I married him for a reason!! Yep, the clever German took a picture of the column we’d parked next to, anticipating our problem before it even happened! Soon we were heading in the right direction and a couple of minutes later, after the words ‘we’re getting close’ from the German we turned a corner and the car was patiently waiting for us! YAY! However, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we have a ‘we can’t find the car’ moment!

And I need to show you a few pics from the walk I took on Monday. The past few days had been beautiful (well actually the past week) bright blue skies and sunshine, and I was itching to get outside and take a walk. It had been a little bit chilly but on Monday, despite a frosty start that saw me de-icing the car (I thought I’d left those days behind when I left England!) the temperatures warmed up and it was beautiful – we’re talking 16 degrees celsius, or around 60 degrees fahrenheit! OK so it’s not get the shorts out and celebrate summer temperatures but it was pretty warm in the sunshine! So off I went for a stroll along the Chattahoochee River:

Every time I walk along this route I’m still amazed by the beauty! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the fact that bright, sunny days without a cloud in the sky are pretty much the norm around here – I’m always expecting them to disappear after a couple of days so I try to fit in as much as I can outside! The German laughs at this but, after being brought up in rainy England where you’re only guaranteed a few days of sunshine every year you’re trained to make the most of it! Monday was Martin Luther King Day and schools were closed for the bank holiday. It seemed loads of families had the same idea as me – to get out in the sunshine! The playground areas were full of children playing on the swings – it was lovely to see them out and about with their parents having family time, riding their bikes, taking a walk and getting some fresh air! I walked along, thinking about just how lucky I am to be here, in this country being able to explore new things every single day! (BIG thanks to the German for that!) If you’re handed a once in a lifetime opportunity you have to grab it with as much enthusiasm as possible and truly make the most of it. I don’t think I’ll ever take the beautiful sunny days here in Georgia for granted – ever.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #12

  1. Beautiful pictures! If it was 60 degrees here, you can bet I’d be in a tshirt and long shorts! However, here in New Jersey it is currently 4 degrees F; feels like -14F and we have 12 inches (30 cm) of snow on the ground with more coming for the weekend!

    • Thank you! Sadly the 60 degree temperatures have been replaced with ones in the 30s and 40s instead although that’s nothing like your arctic temperatures so I shouldn’t complain! I can’t imagine it being so cold!! I think I’d become a hermit and stay inside where it’s warm! Stay warm and safe during the snow this weekend!

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