Blog Dreams.

I want my blog to grow. There, I’ve said it – I want my blog to be bigger and better than it is at the moment. It’s all out in the open now and not rattling around in my little expat head! And what’s brought all this on I hear you ask? Well this:

Blog Dreams 1

Yep, something that is usually alien to me is having a big effect – numbers. I want the little numbers on this chart to be higher, and to keep getting higher as more and more people find and read my blog, the thing I put a lot of effort into and love writing. And why do I suddenly crave for more readers? Well, it’s not a sudden change of heart, believe me!

Ever since I started writing this blog, I’ve loved seeing the numbers when I check out how many views I’ve had, and the higher they are, the bigger the smile on my face! The thing is, I read other blogs that aren’t much older than my little piece of the internet and they’re a LOT more popular than mine. Every post is commented on, link ups are extremely popular and there’s a whole lot of love flying around those blog posts! I want that too.

I want to get those readers to check out  my musings – I’m not saying they are the best musings on the internet but they must have something about them that’s attractive to the people who are already taking an interest in them! I want them to share the love with me and my little piece of web land. I just need to work out how!

Now, I know the readers are just going to click on my blog uninvited – I need to entice them there. And that, my lovely readers, is my new mission! I need to network (the word that  usually fills me with dread – I’m not the best at the old networking lark!) with my fellow bloggers and learn the tricks of the trade! I want to get my little bloggety blog on the map and I want to see those numbers grow. I’m gonna put myself out there and try as hard as I can to get those readers to sit up and take notice of this blogging lady and her adventures as an expat, muddling her way through life in a new country.

Exactly how I’m going to do that I’m not so sure but what I do know is that I’m going to give it a blummin good go! I might need a little help though, so if anyone has any tips to help me along the way – I’m all ears!


14 thoughts on “Blog Dreams.

  1. Not helpful bit losing my job has sent my figures through the roof! So many more people looking at it than ever before.

    Creative teasing on FB and Twitter seem to work.

    I’ve been thinking about shareable content too. Everyone seems to like a list to pass round on social media. “12 things you don’t know about America until you live there” or something?

  2. Getting involved in blog chats can be helpful or just general twitter talk and sharing links. I’ve never really fitted into being a big expat blogger so i’ve never really tried but everyone does seem to like a good UK/US comparison post, especially if it revolves around food – that is always a winner!

  3. I’m gobsmacked, love that mug in the picture with England and William Shakespeare printed on it. may i ask where you got that awesome mug. would love to buy two. proud to be half American and half British living in New Jersey, parents from Hastings, England. love your blog.

    • Hey! Thanks for the lovely comment! The mug you love so much is from Starbucks in England! We have a big selection at home of different places we’ve been to on Starbucks mugs! My favourite though is, of course, the England one! Hope you manage to get one! Thanks for the blog love!

  4. Time definitely helps (though isn’t very helpful I know!) – established sites tend to get more traffic from Google. Useful guides are really good for search engine traffic too (like things to do on a budget, best places to eat, day trips from X, etc). Other tips would be reading, commenting on and sharing other blogs to get yourself known, guest posting on other sites, joining in with the themed chats on Twitter, and hope you get picked as a WordPress Freshly Pressed post of the day (totally down to chance unfortunately). But be prepared that however much they grow those numbers still won’t be enough!

    • Thanks Lucy! Those tips are fab! I’d already thought about doing some differences between England and the US type posts so they should work well! I’m keen to do more guest posts too! But I’m sure, like you say, no matter how much the numbers grow they won’t be enough!

  5. How exciting 🙂
    One great network for boosting exposure is I also think actively commenting on new blogs and not making the mistake of falling into a habit of your usual circle of blogs is important too. Both of these have helped me grow mine along with sponsoring other blogs and having features with them. I’m still working on it but I noticed the number improve dramatically when practicing these 3 things!

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