Today’s Ramblings #13

Right peeps, it’s time for some more Me, Myself and Atlanta ramblings!

So things are calming down now in the ATL following the disaster that was Snowmageddon 2014! I still can’t believe what happened and how Atlanta turned into one big car park with kids sleeping at schools and people taking shelter in grocery stores and Home Depots! Just madness! Thankfully though, yesterday we were reunited with Mindy – she was patiently waiting in the car park I left her in without any extra bumps or scrapes! Phew! The banana skin I left inside didn’t look too pretty though! Whoops! Oh and when we got into the German’s car to set off on our mission we found this…



Yes, that lovely little German of mine had left a can of Coke in his car…that can of Coke then froze in the extreme temperatures and then exploded, all over his car!! It was EVERYWHERE! Obviously in the cup holders, all over both seats, on the mats, around the gear stick, the hand brake, on the windscreen, the visors, the dashboard, the rearview mirror, on the back seats…it definitely exploded well! Thankfully though we found it while the Coke was still ice so it was much easier to clean up! We wondered what the hell it was when we first opened the car – I thought the roof had been leaking, the German thought it was the Starbucks coffee cup but couldn’t work out how until he got closer to the Coke can! Whoops! I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again!

So what else has been happening apart from Snowmageddon? Well, we had a trip to Ikea last weekend (it had been a while, we were definitely due one!) and I got myself a desk! Yep, I now have an area to work in at home which I guess means I now officially work from home! Shame I didn’t take that into account when I ventured out of the house on Tuesday! All would have been better with the world if I’d only worked from home!! Argh! Anyway, here is the lovely little number the German went on to build for me when we got home…

Very professional!

Very professional!

Isn’t it lovely?! I was even allowed a pink seat cover (the German doesn’t like pink things in the house – he’s a boy!) and we got a door mat with a stripe of pink in it too! I did wonder if he was feeling OK but everything was back to normal when he said no to the floral bedding I found! Ah well – I did well with the 2 pink things! So what do you reckon? I officially love it and it definitely makes me more productive than sitting on the sofa! Plus I can have a little look out of the window and people watch! Everyone likes to do that, right?

I bobbed into a craft store the other morning and was greeted with this…



So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the American’s go mad for it…like seriously mad! I think it’s even classed as a ‘holiday’ over here! What? So, as well as the usual cards that maybe some Brits will stretch to (I buy a card for the German, if he’s lucky he might get something tacky as a stupid gift but that’s about it!) you can literally get everything over here! So, today I found heart-shaped cookie cutters, cake moulds, cupcake cases with hearts all over them, heart-shaped doilies and any other heart-shaped object used for cooking or eating that you can think of! Then, in addition to all that, if you really want to you can trim your house up with heart decorations!! Like, really?? There’s tinsel, heart-shaped tinsel, actual Valentine’s Day welcome signs, ribbon, banners, garlands…the list is literally endless! What I want to know is who actually does this stuff? Actually, one of my neighbours – they have some heart-shaped lights outside their door! It’s literally been trimmed up since Halloween with some sort of decoration!! The German doesn’t even agree with taking me out for Valentine’s Day because he says it’s overpriced and would happily take me a day later when prices have dropped again! I admit he has a point but seriously, I’ve married a German version of Pa Cook! That’s exactly what he would say!! Argh! Anyway, I think it’s going a little over the top but it wouldn’t be America if it wasn’t!!

Oh and it’s Superbowl Sunday tomorrow!!! Technically it’s my second one in the States but seen as though I’d only been in the country for 6 days I’m classing this one as the first! The Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year – this one is Superbowl 48 and the Seattle Seahawks are taking on the Denver Broncos in New Jersey. But it’s not just the football people are looking forward to – I think the half time show (this year with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) along with the adverts (commercials if you’re American!) during the show and the food (think chips, dips and extremely fatty snacks!) are what people look forward to the most!! Oh and of course the beer! I’ll report back on what happened next week!

Hope y’all are having a good weekend! (Did you see what I did there? I went all Southern on you!!)


5 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #13

  1. The Superbowl and Valentines both go over my head I will be honest. We don’t really “do” valentines, so all the crazy stuff you can get here in the US for it – well it amuses me if nothing else! It’s like when you look at all the greetings cards you can buy for Valentines – for your teachers, all your friends. It’s odd. Very odd indeed!

    Doesn’t look like our snow is ending any time soon up here mind!

    • I’m definitely with you on the Valentines stuff – it’s unbelievable what you can get! My friend was telling me today that when you’re at school you have to send one to each of your classmates! Now that is odd!

      Good luck on the snow front – hope you’re staying warm! I seriously don’t think I could do it!

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  3. I strenuously object to my children having to send a Valentine to everyone in their class – an apparent Elementary school tradition, and that was before I had to supervise the making of 40 + homemade Valentines cards. Thrilled beyond belief that next year one will be in Middle school and it will no longer be necessary for him – given he is the far more reluctant Valentine preparer. You have to give it to them, Americans love their ‘holidays’ and give it plenty on the old enthusiasm front.

    • You had to make 40 Valentines cards?!?! That is ridiculous!! I’m glad I don’t have children just yet if that’s what they have to do!! But, like you say, the American’s know how to get behind a ‘holiday!’

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