Superbowl Sunday: The Commercials!

So Super Bowl Sunday has been on the lips of many an American for the last couple of days – it’s been the topic of just about everyt conversation! It’s the biggest sporting event of the year in the States – two NFL teams battling to be crowned champions. But that isn’t the only exciting part (or the least exciting if you’re not into American football!) over here a lot of people are more interested in the half time show and the commercials like I said in my last Rambling post!

Now, American football isn’t that big in the Richter household – we’re more a soccer based house – but the German was adamant it was going on! He also attempted to teach me the rules of American football for the umpteenth time (I realise I just used the word umpteenth and many of you won’t understand it – it’s kind of like the millionth time in Northern English!) but once again it didn’t sink in and I was more bothered about searching for somewhere to get an eye exam (the prices are ridiculous over here – that’s a whole other blog!), whether or not I would spot my friend who was working at the Super Bowl for Sky Sports News and of course the half time show and commercials people talk so much about!

So, it turns out these commercials in the Super Bowl cost companies MILLIONS! We’re talking $4 million for a 30 second slot! What?!?! Oh and some of them have MASSIVE celebrities in – we’re talking HUGE! Therefore they have to be good – and a major talking point the following day! So, my lovely readers, I thought I’d take you through a few of my favourites! They’re not in any particular order so here goes:

1. The VW ad:Obviously the German’s little ear’s pricked up at this one – German cars and all that!

I just LOVED the wings popping out everywhere and the trouble they caused! The part in the bathroom was good too! I also liked the reaction from Victoria’s Secret on Twitter:

Obviously their wings are the first and originals but the VW ones are just as good if you ask me!

2. The Toyota ad:
There’s just one thing that makes this a good one…Muppets!! My big bro will absolutely LOVE this one – he has Muppets socks and everything:

3. The T-Mobile ad:
I loved the simplicity of this one – and the fact they *might* use the big stars next year, if enough of us change our cell phone providers to T-Mobile!

4. The Audi ad:
The weird dog creature is just funny!

5. The Doritos ad:
You’ve got to love anything that involves a child, an adult, some Doritos and a time machine! Ace! Turns out Doritos runs a competition during the Super Bowl ads every year – each ad they run is from an amateur film maker and they choose a winner – last year’s came from Georgia! And I’m pleased to announce this one took the gong this year:

6. The Chrysler ad:
This one sparked a rant from that German of mine! It started with the Autobahn sign and once Bob Dylan came out with ‘So let Germany brew your beer..’ the German replied with ‘yeah, and we build your cars matey!’ Oh dear…

7. The H&M ad:
This one needs no explanation…Beckham. Enough said.

8. The Budweiser ad:
Then there was this one – I think this is my absolute favourite of the night…sooooo cute!! And I don’t even like dogs or horses – not because I’m evil and have an indescribable hatred towards them more because I’m pretty much scared of them both!

Oh and not forgetting this one:

9. The Coke ad.
This one has sparked a LOT of controversy here in the States since it was aired last night – I’ll let you watch it first:

Entitled ‘It’s Beautiful,’ the ad shows people of different ethnicities with the song ‘America the Beautiful’ sung in 8 different languages. Well, it would seem this hasn’t gone down well with some people. On Twitter, some were seen saying things like this is America, we speak English here and speak English or go home. Others praised it, highlighting that America is a melting pot and that it’s beautiful because of its linguistic diversity. Personally, I’m with the latter. America was founded by immigrants and is what it is today because of those immigrants. It’s one big land of different religions, diversities and cultures and that should be celebrated and I think Coke pulled it off perfectly!

Now here’s where you come in – let me know which you think is the best in my little poll below:

Oh and I should say a big congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks who walked away with the NFL trophy after beating the Denver Broncos in the actual game that was on between the adverts! We also can’t forget that they were crowned ‘world champions’ even though all the teams involved in the competition are in North America…go figure that one!!


6 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday: The Commercials!

  1. The Chrysler ad isn’t getting much love in Detroit that’s for sure, especially with the line “Let Germany brew your beer. Let Switzerland make your watch. Let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car,” – mainly because there’s a big local brewing company revival and there now being a somewhat prominent watchmaking company in the city too. Sigh.

    I liked the Car Max puppy barking advert, that was fun. And as for the movie trailers – well the Transformers one has got the husband angry that’s for sure!

  2. As an American living out of the country, I miss Super Bowl commercials! Thanks for sharing them in one convenient place on your blog. 🙂 They are all so good – I’d watched the Coke and Budweiser ads earlier, but hadn’t found the others.

    I voted for Mr. Beckham. The Coke and Budweiser ones are better …. but. it’s. Beckham.

  3. Aww. Too bad you don’t care for American Football. Personally, I enter a state of depression a couple weeks before the Super Bowl because I know it will soon all be over for the year.

    I get really excited in August in anticipation of seeing how good my alumni High School football team is and rather they have a shot at the State Title again for the first time in a couple of decades.

    Then I get hyped about the Bulldogs (well not so much lately. They haven’t done much to excite.)

    Finally I get super carried away with the Falcons by September, I become all consumed in trying to root them into a Super Bowl win that will finally catapult the city of Atlanta out of the realm of “Loserville” (I know better but not having ever won a Super Bowl or Basketball Championship gives fodder to a lot of Sports fans in other parts of the country to label us this.)

    Anywho. Glad you liked the adverts and my fav was the muppets

    And oh yeah.. we do say umpteenth around here. Atleast the people I grew up with.

    • It’s not that I don’t care for American Football, I just can’t get my head around it! Plus it seems to take a loooong time to finish a game with a lot of stopping and starting! I do love the way American’s get behind their teams though and get so excited for the season to start! You can’t ever accuse them of not being good supporters that’s for sure! And thanks for the help with umpteenth – it seems Atlanta has something in common with Yorkshire!

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